Shiru – The Energizer Bunny!

Shiru, as we fondly call her, came into our lives on 21st December 2012, 14 years after our last child was born. She has been a breath of fresh air because she has made our home lively and noisy once again. She is adorable, intuitive, expressive and very assertive. This pretty little girl with cherry pink lips, fine features and the loveliest eye lashes comes across as a doll to many who meet her.

We look forward to her greetings and big bear hugs when we come back home at the end of each day. She knows exactly what she wants and won’t settle for less. She’s a pack of energy in herself and won’t be found seated still unless when engaged in an activity or watching her favourite show ‘Waybuloo’ on BBC Cartoon channel cbeebees.

Shiru is a picture addict…..she loves taking pictures of herself with her sisters and our phones and iPad are filled with her funny pictures. She amazes us with how quickly she is able to pick up on things that her older sisters are doing. The other day she took my phone and paused to take a selfie! She actually raised the phone and looked up at it, posed and smiled……that was just the funniest moment. She also loves wearing our spectacles and loves to wear her sister’s sun glasses.

Shiru lights up our world….we thank God for her and pray that she brings Him honour and glory all her life.

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