My Godson Caleb – The Selfie King

“Count your blessings name them one by one… count your blessings see what God has done…” this is a hymn from my Golden Bells hymn book that’s playing in my mind as I pen down this article. I’m blessed to have experienced so many happy moments in my life and today I write about one of my happiest.

Approximately two years ago, a young handsome lad was born in my uncle’s homestead and the traditional three ululations rang in the air signaling the birth of a boy. I was excited about this new addition to our family (but not as excited as my uncle who was smiling from ear to ear). He was named Caleb Njuki, Nuki after him.

The bond Caleb and I have is that of a father-son; many a times he has brightened up on the very sight of me and throwing tantrums on the slight indication I am about to leave. My best selfies are me and him, posing for rather crazy photos (mostly him trying to snatch my eye-glasses). His mother (my cousin, Carol) always refers to me as his ‘Baba’ when addressing him and not uncle as I truly am to him. It is said that fathers are so not necessarily by birth but by nurturing. Caleb has over the past two years brought out something in me – my great love for children and just what an awesome father I will be.

My father, the Muto Senior II, has always showered his children with immense love and more so, the relationship between my father and I is that of two fast friends. And somehow this seems to have been replicated to the relationship I have with Caleb; am not just an uncle to him but a father figure in his life. I have learned from the best.

One would be inclined to ask, what happens when I get my own children….. Well, nothing would actually change, I would continue to have him as one of my children and love them all equally, because that’s who he truly is. Mine.


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