My J & J – I’d die for you!

This is a tribute to the #Js in my life

It’s hard trying to express my feelings and the impact of Jabali in my life. I do not think I have enough words to fathom everything he is to me. Unpacking and explaining what my son means to me is actually quite hard. I do not have the words to express it. All I can say is that he is Gods’ gift to me and my wife Julie.

Our son Jabali was born on 29th December 2013 in Kisumu. Of all life’s experiences and adventures, there are few moments in my life that have remained and will remain significant and permanently etched in my mind. This one is at the very top of my list

December of 2013 will go down as the most anxious month in my entire life. The doctors always tell you to give the baby minus two or plus two weeks. In short, you are always on standby the entire time. With this backdrop, Julie traveled to Kisumu so that when the time would finally come, we would have family around us. Working in Nairobi, and waiting on a baby in Kisumu is nerve wrecking.

The Christmas period came and went. So did boxing day, and the 27th, to 28th. On our final exam on the 28th Dec, the doctor told us that all was ready and set and if Jabali still refused to vacate he would have to forcibly remove his out. In other words, had labor not come in 24 hours, we were going to have to have a caesarean section delivery.
True to the doctors’ words, Julie labored partly in the early hours of 29th December morning. We decided to see the doctor again and after observing her, he just said one thing. Please go directly to Avenue Hospital where she was to deliver.

Jabali was delivered at 7:05 pm. From the moment I held him I knew he was special. When I look into his eyes I see my own, flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood. It’s an amazing and miraculous experience. It completes me.

Jabali has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives as a family. My boy would often wake up in the middle of the night with the cutest smile and laughter. Makes you forget it’s the middle of the night and you are trying to catch some sleep and get ready for the next day. Sigh……….the joys of fatherhood.

I have been there, done it all. Stepped on toes and bruised egos. Been into fights and gotten beat in fights, I have loved, I have been loved too. I have broken hearts, got mine broken too. Of all these things I have done, of all achievements, of all the highs and lows, falls and near misses, trials and errors, heartaches and heartbreak, the best of me came when Julie came into my life and from us came forth Jabali.

This is Jabali, My Rock, My Son, Flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood. My linage. My name. It’s like I’m living again in another body. God must have sent you to get me grounded and level headed. I am a blessed man with a wonderful family. Let it not pass without me saying I love my family. I thank God for Jabali, but I could never be a Jabali without Julie Akinyi Digo and I thank God that you chose to love me.


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