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About Pregnant Magazine Library

The LIBRARY offers factual and professional pregnancy & birth information you can rely on. In addition, the magazine includes guidance on health and safety. Also featured are topics such as expecting a baby, stages of labour – normal delivery and C-section.

Furthermore, you can access real life stories by mums and dads on pregnancy health, safety, expecting a baby, medical health conditions, recovery after delivery, etc. Most noteworthy is the numerous editions of the magazine loaded with pregnancy advice and tips on a wide range of topics. Yet another feature is professional articles and to-the-point opinion pieces.

In order to have unlimited access to all the editions and articles, Subscribe at a low annual rate that gives you instant access to all new articles and issues too.

You can either access the content via lead topics or magazine editions.

The content makes pregnancy and birth less stressful, while guiding you step-by-step through the trimesters. In addition, get tips on how to get pregnant, advice to track pregnancy week-by-week, due date calendar, monitor pregnant belly, prepare for baby delivery. Access pregnancy jokes, pregnancy health, pregnant mum nutrition, relationships and even tips on sex during pregnancy.

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