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Skin changes – Which symptoms should you ignore?

By Babylove Network | November 1, 2016

A good man is without sin, and a good skin without blemish.” But let’s face it: flawless skin is like a saint on earth, desirable but virtually impossible to acquire. During your pregnancy, hormonal changes will affect every system of your body. Your skin, like any other part, will not be spared. You may develop…

Baby from rape – Baby from rape – taking the first steps…

By Babylove Network | May 2, 2020

Finding That Ray Of Hope In A Time Of Crisis Note: real names of individuals and locations withheld Jacinta had completed her fourth form the year before. Her mother, a school teacher who lived in Muhura, wanted Jacinta to attend computer classes. Since there were no computer schools in Muhura, she requested her younger brother…

Placental insufficiency — The silent unborn baby killer

By Babylove Network | May 2, 2020

Placental insufficiency, also known as uteroplacental vascular insufficiency, is a pregnancy complication in which the placenta fails to transmit enough oxygen and adequate nutrients to the foetus. The placenta therefore is unable to fully support the developing baby. It is hence also referred to as placental dysfunction. In this real-life account of placental insufficiency — the silent unborn baby killer…


How to get back your sex drive after baby delivery

By Babylove Network | October 13, 2018

Get back that kick! – rekindle your mood for sex after having a baby Try these practical steps Labour is exhausting and the effects of hormonal changes may make sex undesirable after delivery. This initial lack of desire for sex is natural, so do not worry! However, it is important to remember that the intimacy of…

When you become the “talk of the village”

By Babylove Network | May 2, 2020

Like the forbidden fruit in the days of Eden, your pregnancy is likely to elicit huge interest from friends and foe. What therefore do you do when you find yourself, practically or by your own imagination, on the receiving end from the public? Your pregnancy is now the talk of the village. Even if yours is…

Forceful pulling of the placenta is not advisable

By Babylove Network | May 3, 2020

Delivering your placenta must be done safely THERE are millions of women who deliver babies in hospitals but hear nothing about the placenta, let alone see it. The placenta is delivered naturally after the offspring, a process referred to as a ‘physiological third stage.’ If you come from the rural areas, you must be familiar…

Pregnant househelp – real life experience

By Babylove Network | May 2, 2020

How have you faired in the past as a pregnant househelp? I am one lucky househelp. Virtually all my employers have been very understanding during my pregnancies. I think it is because most of them have been mothers. I vividly remember my young, single, female American employer when I was expecting Ian; my second born.…

Changes in your weight during pregnancy

By Babylove Network | May 2, 2020

In today’s society, most people (especially women) view wait gain with trepidation. The pregnancy period has a mandatory and compulsory weight gain requirement, for healthy foetal growth and development as well as energy source for mums


Safe sex during pregnancy — Know when to stop!

By Babylove Network | May 2, 2020

Safe sex during pregnancy is generally recommended, but you should know when to stop! Contrary to common belief, you can have safe sex during pregnancy whenever you choose to. Yes, throughout pregnancy. Safe sex during pregnancy cannot harm you or your baby unless there are other factors involved. There are three useful tips on this matter:…

Stop mother to child HIV infection

By Babylove Network | May 2, 2020

A mother can minimize the risk of HIV transmission to her child by taking certain measures to prevent transmission of the virus after delivery. What is the difference between HIV and AIDS? HIV is the short form for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Discovered in the early 1980s, it is commonly thought to have developed from a…

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