Where is Drew?

This is the immediate question on the lips of all my family members as soon as they get home. Everybody arrives home and their first stop is to happily look for Drew. My journey began on a low note as we never planned to have a 3rd baby. The pregnancy caught me unawares and saddened me in the beginning. Things however got more exciting after I did my scan in the early months of the pregnancy and learned that we were carrying another little baby boy.

I took the pregnancy period positively and kept myself happy and healthy to the last day. I thank God for the health he bestowed on me as I walked this journey. I worked all through until 20th September 2013 which was on a Friday and my labor started on 22nd September 2013 at 12.30 am. I consider this such a blessing as this labor was the shortest among the 3 babies we have been blessed with. Andrew Kituyi was born on 22nd September 2013 at 4.58am at 3.5kg.

Baby Andrew is such a joy and brings love and laughter to the family. Everyone in the family competes to have more time with him. My first born Richard and second born Nicole who are 10 and 7 years respectively welcomed the last born baby in a very unique way.

Nicole took 2 days away from school to spend time with Andrew and her teacher at Moi Educational Center had no option but to give her time away. This was a very important ‘holiday’ for her. She could not resist telling anyone who cared to listen that she has a little pretty baby brother called Andrew. All her friends and teachers in school new about the new baby. And every day she would make a point to struggle to carry him in her arms.

Richard, is such a loving brother and would not wish his little brother touched. He is a very protective big brother and the little – big man in the house. He shared the news with his friends and teachers and really bragged that “he also has a little brother” as he puts it. Immediately on arrival from school he spends his first 10 – 20 minutes with Andrew. He is looking forward to sharing his bedroom with him and requests me to allow his little brother to share only a night with him in the ‘boys’ room.

My hubby Solomon really does love our children and unlike many, enjoys babysitting Andrew. Immediately he gets home, his opening statement on arrival is “Where is Drew?” as we popularly refer to him at home. Andrew is a very jovial little man and now recognizes all his immediate family members.

Children are a blessing from God and they come in their own unique way. We are all so protective of him and cannot imagine what life was like before this healthy, happy bundle of joy joined us. He is truly loved and we all thank God for this blessing.


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