Girls Trip – Part 1

Pauline Murigi - Desert-Safari-1

  This is my second travel blog and as I promised in my thanksgiving blog post it was going to be about an international trip with my girls. I am so excited to even blog about this because getting six ladies to go for any trip together is a miracle in itself! Let’s be honest; Planning…

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My Thanksgiving Edition | By Pauline Murigi


It’s the beginning of yet another year and you know what that means! New Year Resolutions, fresh starts, and of course the curse of empty wallets. But rarely do we take a step back and reflect on the year that was. Besides how do you mark a fresh start without first recognizing where you have…

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Welcome to my Babylove Network Blogspot!! | Pauline


  After months of contemplating about starting a blog, I have finally decided to take the first step and actually do my first blog post. Special shout out to my FB Family for encouraging me to start blogging! I actually struggled to pick what my first topic would be! But then after the awesome birthday…

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