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My Experience At Mater Hospital, Nairobi

By Babylove Network | April 12, 2020

  I delivered my baby at Mater Hospital, Nairobi – here is my experience. Heri Nyaki – Interview by Katumbi Mbaluto “….And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” -1 Corinthians 13:13- So many forms of love exist, in the different spectrums, roles and dynamics that we…

Karen Hospital My Choice!

By Babylove Network | April 12, 2020

  Karen Hospital, my maternity facility of choice, is simply unbeatable! Rosemary Mutuku – Interview by Katumbi Mbaluto So many adages are used to describe what motherhood is. From “a calling” to a “God given role” and “a natural duty”, amongst many others. As we journey through life, we start to realise that things aren’t…

The Nairobi Hospital Maternity Ward – Beyond Excellent!

By Babylove Network | April 12, 2020

  Care and attention at the Nairobi Hospital Maternity Ward was just great! Lucy Mutinda Loki – Interview by Katumbi Mbaluto   Motherhood and childbirth are said to be fully understandable, only when one has worn the shoes that fit, and travelled down the equally designed path. That being the case, the world offers us…

I settled for Maria Immaculata Hospital

By Babylove Network | April 12, 2020

  The cleanliness and sanitation at Maria Immaculata Hospital did not go unnoticed. Norah Ngele Mwamburi – Interview by Katumbi Mbaluto   Our lives’ journeys and courses take and lead us to places unplanned and seasons unexpected. However, as we start the inevitable stages of our purposes – like child birth and nurturing, we innately…

Pauline Murigi - Desert-Safari-1

Girls Trip – Part 1

By Babylove Network | May 3, 2019

  This is my second travel blog and as I promised in my thanksgiving blog post it was going to be about an international trip with my girls. I am so excited to even blog about this because getting six ladies to go for any trip together is a miracle in itself! Let’s be honest; Planning…


My Thanksgiving Edition | By Pauline Murigi

By Babylove Network | February 7, 2019

It’s the beginning of yet another year and you know what that means! New Year Resolutions, fresh starts, and of course the curse of empty wallets. But rarely do we take a step back and reflect on the year that was. Besides how do you mark a fresh start without first recognizing where you have…


Two Weddings and a Vacation

By Babylove Network | September 4, 2018

Hi everyone! Yes I know, I know… I have been very quiet so first of all my apologies. It has been a hectic few months. Weddings have especially kept me busy during this time. August seems to be the month of love in my circle. I celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary on 1st August. Ok…

Faint glow of the candle

By Babylove Network | June 20, 2018

Death… is there anything more painful. I’m sitting here, at this committee for the burial preparations of a friend to a friend of mine. It’s the final day of this committee meeting, the last round of funds raising is being done. All round me is the clatter of sounds- the hype by the MC, the…

Watchful Eye

By Babylove Network | June 20, 2018

I came home today, leisurely walking after a long day at the office Glad that the day was over and looking forward to spend time with my babies I walk up to the gate and when the guard at the gate realizes it’s me he becomes frantic Seeing his expression changing I feel a pull…

Here is to being two cute to sing, dance and color!

By Babylove Network | June 20, 2018

There’s nothing I like more than celebrating birthdays especially when the person I’m celebrating happens to be my precious daughter. Tish turned two in June and as was the case last year during her first birthday, I was overly excited. I know what you’re probably thinking; she’s only 2, calm down! Well I won’t be…