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Crazy Nesting Mummy! | Wahu Kagwi

So here I am sitting at my computer, feeling very unprepared for this little one who’s about to come into the world…there are so many things I want to do before he/she comes. Have to finish shopping, decide where and how I want to give birth, finish up this baby room, which is currently my [...]

Memories of my first time | Wahu Kagwi

As my due date draws closer, I’m getting more and more anxious…lol…was telling a friend of mine how you can visualize the impending pain, but there’s nothing you can do about it. You really look forward to holding baby in your arms, but the process? Not so much J Last time with Tumiso, or miss [...]

….Why my nose?… | By Wahu Kagwi

So… pregnant women not only add weight, but are actually encouraged to do so for the sake of their unborn babies. My doctor had advised me to add at least 12 kilos in the course of my pregnancy. Well, so far, I’ve done ‘a little’ over that…5kgs above the recommendation to be specific But I’m [...]

Bring on the “Old wives’ tales”!

So…being true to myself, I began to ask myself why in traditional Kikuyu culture the muciaire (new mother) is encouraged to eat njahi (black beans) and fermented uji (porridge). My “why” curiosity led me to several Google searches, at the end of which, I really saw no scientific link between these foods, and an increase [...]

Epidural Delivery….Good Or Bad Idea?

I opted to have an epidural while delivering my Nyakio. Why? The thought of a painless experience was tremendously appealing. Having had a normal (epidural free) birth the first time round – and knowing the inexplicable pain of it – I was extremely pleasantly surprised when I went through my epidural assisted delivery this time. [...]

Why Me?!

She’s feeling queasy and vomiting. She just knows……. I’m pregnant! She wakes up one morning and realizes her monthly period has not come for two months. She’s feeling queasy and vomiting. She just knows……. I’m pregnant. If she were married and settled with the love of her life who she has known for five years [...]

Hosting My Daughter’s 7th Birthday, 7 Days To My EDD

So my sweet Tumiso turned 7 on the 1st of August! Man!! Time does fly! It seems like just the other day, that I was burping her! Of course whenever I narrate such stories to her she almost rolls her eyes at me in a manner that suggests that I’ve told this story waaaay too [...]

Welcome to the World!

It’s 3a.m., and I’m wide awake staring at a little angel in her sleep. Her name is Nyakio. Beautiful sweet Nyakio. I honestly still can’t believe that she’s finally here! The little human being, whom God carefully formed in my womb is finally here to begin her journey on planet earth. Little Nyakio was born [...]

Standing with you! #We are one.

The Westgate tragedy still feels so unreal,like a bad dream that I need to wake up from. My daughter was supposed to be at Westgate for a play date that fateful Saturday; but that morning, her friend’s mum called to change the date from lunch and a movie at Westgate to swimming at Laico. Little [...]

Oh no…its colic!

My little Nyakio has colic. Colic is defined as unexplainable crying that lasts for not less than 3 hours a day, at least 3 times a week, for about 3 months. It’s a medical mystery that doctors still cannot fully unravel. My paediatrician told me it has to do with an underdeveloped digestive system that’s [...]

“You and him”, after baby’s arrival

“After I gave birth to my first child Tumiso,” narrates Wahu Kagwi, “the change in the dynamics of my relationship with my hubby was almost tangible! All of a sudden, the bulk of our conversations revolved around baby…diapers, clinics, feeding, baby poop and all that good stuff…” It’s always such a joy when there’s a [...]

Sharing baby care roles with my hubby | Wahu Kagwi

Sharing parenting responsibilities: The other day my hubby asked me, “ala? Kwani Nyakio doesn’t wake up at night these days?” Lol…I wish! It’s more like you don’t hear her wake up at night. The truth is, there was a time when my attitude about sharing baby care roles with my husband was more like, “We [...]


If I didn’t lose weight this holiday season, I don’t know when I will!! With all the running around both on the work and home front, I should have lost a couple of kgs…but I didn’t; actually I successfully packed on some more…3kgs to be precise. But that’s not what I want to talk about [...]

Mummy, I’m on strike!

My baby is on strike! I’ve read about nursing/breastfeeding strikes; I even have a couple of friends who have experienced this first hand; But when you go through it yourself, it’s a totally different story! I didn’t realize Nyakio was on “strike” until I came home one day and she literally refused to breastfeed. She [...]

Oh the sweet taste of success!!

I should acquire a new title I think. “Wahu the forcer” seems quite befitting, because for the last couple of days everything else has fallen secondary to me “forcing myself” onto my Nyakio. The thing is, this little girl had decided that she wanted to wave bye bye to our breastfeeding experience, for whatever reason. [...]

About last night…

I was going to write an entirely different post this week, until last night happened. Yes…last night was truly special. One of a kind I’d say…I was up all night holding a special someone….my unwell baby. (What were you thinking? Hmmmm) That I can smile about it now is in itself a wonder. Last night, [...]

“She fell and hit her head!”

I had been sitting in my room having some well deserved RnR. My nephew and niece are around for the holidays, and from the comfort of my bedroom, I could hear the kids’ loud but seemingly fun games going on. “This is what beautiful childhood memories are made of” I thought to myself with a [...]

Separation anxiety!

I cannot believe this is me. Seriously??!!! Why oh why am I having issues with moving my baby out of my bedroom?? Its 11pm and I’m looking at her lying here next to me and I’m thinking nooooooo! I’m going to miss uuuuuu! Truth be told, this was absolutely not my experience with my first [...]

The Mathenge August Babies

Call it coincidence or fate, but all my babies just so happen to be born in the month of August. Tumiso was born on 1st, Nyakio on the 9th and my hubby on the 10th. To be quite honest, Nyakio’s EDD was on my hubby’s birthday, but I guess she decided she was not going [...]

Christmas Came Early

So my Nyakio finally walked!!!!! I don’t know how express how happy I am at this point!!! If I could to cartwheels and summersaults I definitely would! I must admit I was getting nervous about her walking. Tumiso walked at 13 months…which in my ill-advised opinion, was late. Now…when Nyakio hit 16 months, without taking [...]

School Already!?

Is it me, or has this year literally just bolted by?? I mean….. Was it not just the other day we were wishing each other a Happy New Year?? If I were given the option, I’d definitely go back into time….June wouldn’t be a bad month to go back to….then I’d have a bit more [...]

Wahu’s organic resolution

Most people don’t subscribe to the idea of making New Year’s resolutions. Well, I didn’t either for a long time; mostly because whenever I attempted to make a resolution, I’d only be good for just 2 months…or maybe…3 if I actually gave it a gospel shot. So in order to avoid disappointment, I’ve simply just been [...]

Potty training!!!

Somebody needs to start a potty training support group!! Hahahaha!!! No for real, any mom out there will admit that this is neither the easiest, nor the cutest moments in the lives of these our little bundles of joy. You’d think I’d be ok going through this period because after all, I’ve done this before [...]

Potty Training – The Success Story by Wahu Kagwi

Lol! My husband has just walked in, looked at what I am blogging about, and commented “Isn’t that some kind of invasion of privacy? Like seriously….you are talking about another human being’s “private time” in a very public space!!” Hahahahaha!!! Potty training success!!! Poop – I’m very interested in the consistency, the smell, the color… [...]

Introducing…the naughty corner!

” I’d easily dismiss her unnecessary tantrums as ‘prolonged terrible twos syndrome’ ” Nyakio… She’s my little ray of sunshine. She makes me smile even when she doesn’t mean to. Babies have a way of doing that to us. But the other day, as I watched Nyakio throw an unnecessary tantrum, that I’d easily dismiss [...]

Mama T’s child discipline tactics! | Wahu Kagwi

Child discipline has gone a notch higher in my family. Last night I heard my daughter, Nyakio, threatening my little dog, that if she didn’t stop barking, she would go to the naughty corner! Lol! It’s her new thing these days! Anyone or anything that upsets her is in danger of the naughty corner! Just [...]

Hello Vienna! | Wahu Kagwi

Happy New Year all!! Hope the year has started off well for you!! Me? I’m still slightly hangovered from my holidays, and I know I’m not alone 😉 I must say my holidays were quite different this time round. A beautiful adventure took me out of hot sunny Kenya, into the heart of winter in [...]

Vienna Love! – A winter experience

“Mummy there is smoke coming out of my mouth!” The words of my Nyakio when we first stepped out of the airport, into the cold air of Vienna. I didn’t realize how breathing out into the -7 degrees winter air was an event on its own, until I heard the happy squeaks and squeals my [...]

A Valentine’s to remember | Wahu Kagwi

So I realize that Valentine’s is well behind us, and I should have written about this earlier, but better late than never! Because this year’s Valentine’s day was actually quite special. It’s so interesting how this particular day comes with so much pressure though. In as much as it’s about love and all things romantic, [...]

Pushing kids to succeed academically | Wahu Kagwi

“Don’t believe the hype!” That’s me practicing my exaggerated blogger headline related to challenges facing education in Kenya. How did I do? On a scale of 1 to 10? Hehehe… Pushing kids to succeed academically seems to be the norm, as parents strive to get their kids to the top in education and careers. The [...]

Tumiso Turns 10 – and it’s a Safari Party!!!

The Mathenge August Babies — Tumiso Mathenge and Nyakio Mathenge — get into party mood; but their mom, Wahu Kagwi, has a win-win strategy up her sleeve… August has always been a beautiful month for the Mathenges. It’s the month in which ¾ of us in the Mathenge family were born. Lots to be grateful [...]

Eleven years of motherhood… | Wahu Kagwi

I can’t believe I’ve been a mother for almost 11 years!!! Where, oh, where is this time going?? Look at my Tumiso, almost my height! Fitting comfortably into my shoes, and yet just the other day, she was burping and peeing all over me! Time…it just passes by way too fast. My former campo classmates and [...]