Laps Arms of Love

My Baby girl Zawadi is officially home!
I know it when she says things like …..
“My brothers bib has gone all the way round and rather than sit on his chest it’s sitting on his back”
Look – Fadhili is a Super Baby.
Puzzled look on my face ……….
“Don’t you see Mum?”-she says “He’s got a cape like superman”.

Her brother with no fuss fell asleep in my arms after rocking him.
We’ve come a long way because his first few months were tormented by colic
Being many years out of practice, I had no clue what to do. I stumbled on the remedy almost five months later!
His sister put him to bed and promptly took her position in my lap!
She’s taller than me now so that’s something to marvel at.
She fell asleep and I did too and somehow this morning we’re all together in one bed.

I throw out crumbs and left overs for birds enjoy every morning.
The reasoning being – I always have more than enough…….enough to share with at least the birds.
It’s a beautiful sight to having birds everyday outside your window.
The little birds come and now the big ones come too. The big ugly scavengers, the crows.
And though that’s not my intention to invite those ugly scavengers, they still come. They always will.

There will be scavengers outside your door when you throw out your loved ones.
When you give up on them.
The scavengers will tear them down with lies and words that kill.
Silent killers for they kill not the body but the soul.
Hold your loved ones close.
Send them out with legions of angels; receive them with embraces of love.
Let them seek refuge in your arms,
In your heart.

Remain plugged into your source who holds you close to His heart.
Never give up on your own no matter how bad it seems.
He never gave up on you. He picked you up, dusted you off, kissed you and made you His own.

Love is patient
Love is kind
Love never gives up
Body but the soul.

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