Lovely Lively Livvy

She has a lovely smile that warms our hearts and a laugh like no other. Olivia Jemutai is her name. Well I just love it, the meaning of it is profound “a symbol of prosperity, a beauty, peace”
Mama chose it even before the scan and when I first saw her heart beating I synchronized it with my own albeit one beat for two of hers.

Jemutai implies before her time…she came a week early over Easter; she’s also named after her granny. It is my prayer that our little angel will live up to her beautiful name and be a light unto the world.
Her journey into our arms was smooth most of the way and through her; I saw lots of grace and came to meet a God who answers prayers.

Livvy loves her workouts from the kicks in the womb to her jolly playtimes. I remember this time she lifted a file off mommy’s bump. To date, she turns towards good music, kicks and stretches. Maybe…. Just maybe…. She’s practicing to be a world class dancer? Or a health and fitness enthusiast? Or better yet……… well let me keep dreaming up a wonderful future for this active little one.

Jemu and her daddy are such buddies she spares him the “spit-sprays of love”, obliges to bottle feeding and they just chat in her baby lingua. A father and daughter’s bond is said to be a match made in heaven. I can so see that in these two. This is daddy’s little girl right there.

Our munchkin has a liking for photos she smiles and poses as ‘mammarazi’ clicks away…well her sleep postures are worth capturing and so is every new trick she learns and her beauty exceeds a thousand rainbows.

Each day is such a joy, watching her grow into her own person and filling our lives with laughter.

I can only wish such a haven to each family.

We love you Olivia.


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