Boy Princess

Monday morning madness. After oversleeping and I’m busy trying to get ready for work. You know one of those days you try to pull on your shoe, with your toothbrush in your mouth, coffee cup on the bathroom sink, laptop still charging? Yes, those kinds of mornings when you try to multitask to beat the clock but no task gets fully done?

In the midst of the storm, Taima walks in and says, ‘Mama you’re going to work?’ She calls me Mama, and I can’t get enough of it.

‘Yes baby I’m going to work and Mama is late.’

So I am standing in the bathroom in front of the mirror trying to sort out my hair. Allow me to digress. I keep my hair natural and of all the days I washed it in the morning. So it’s wet and shrunken and I have absolutely no time to style. I figure some gel should keep it contained for the day.

Back to the story

So I’m trying to sort out my hair and Taima says. ‘Mama you’re a boy.’
‘A boy?’ I ask.

‘Yes a boy. Because your hair is like Tendai’. Tendai is her four year old brother who rocks an afro

‘But Mama you are still my princess. A boy princess’

I paused in shock. First, in her head only boys have short hair. Second, I am still a princess because I am still a girl. Third, I am her princess. Fourth, how old are you again?

For many other reasons, Taima rocks my world.

I was terrified to learn that I would be having a girl. What would I do with her? How to dress her? Time to get in touch with my feminine side, buy dolls and get acquainted with the color pink? Those were the thoughts running through my head. I was terrified. Her other brother’s six and I’d gotten quite the hang of hanging out with boys!

Then she was born. Truth be told I learnt a lot during the way, made many many many mistakes but we eventually found our rhythm. Then she started walking and talking and growing. She is sheer perfection! Super independent and very opinionated. Knows how to manipulate her dad and can debate her way out of every situation. Plays rough just like the boys, loves the outdoors, dresses are like the plague to her and styling her hair is absolutely out of the question. Her legs already have scars that I’m not sure will fade and her palms, rough like the hands of a mjengo guy. Did I mention she is only 2 years, 5 months and 26days as of today?

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love my little boy princess

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