Wambui Nashipai – My Promise to You

It’s been 5 months now since God gave us Wambui Nashipai Waiyaki and I have just realized how fast time goes. Just the other day I was in a one-roomed SQ trying to make ends meet in the hustle that every young man knows all too well. Fast forward to getting a job, starting a business and getting a wife. Time really flies? Then Wambui was born, and it’s been Fatherhood 101. Night time was day to her and we had to change our sleeping cycles. It’s kept changing though. One day we slept the first three, four and five hours….bliss; we celebrated.

With all the hard times for first time parents; not knowing what’s wrong with the baby, being advised by everyone on how to do this or that and what maybe wrong, it was just not easy. Now we can only treasure the magic moments that come by every day when she smiles with her toothless gum, screams as if she’s singing, gives us hugs that seems all too tight on your face and the uncalled for big fart when you are in a silent moment . There’s very little you would ask more of, but only give thanks to the Giver for the Gift. The height of a man’s achievement is indeed to have a family and I treasure mine.

My work entails visiting various communities taking solar lamps to rural schools in Kenya to enhance education. Sometimes I have been saddened by the fact that the fathers are absent at many of the school meetings. The highest attendance of men so far has been 10 men in a meeting with 80 women. I am often told that fathers are out “hunting” i.e. looking for food.

I pray to God that I shall not be an absent father in Wambui’s life. It is my sincere prayer and hope that fathers can come back home and spend time with their families. As per the statistics we have now, the girl child is pretty much supported by Government, NGOs and society as a whole. The Boy child is in danger for he has no role model. Boys have no one to mentor them or to look up to. All the men of good repute in this country – we need to rise up and take the mantle and lead the boys. Where will our daughters get good upstanding partners? We need to do something now!

To fathers with daughters out there, give the utmost love to your daughters, believe in them and teach them how to read the Word and also pray. They shall never depart from these ways.


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