Ariana The Rose Amongst Thorns

My EDD was on 15 May 2014 and I was quite nervous to meet this new blessing for a number of reasons, but the biggest of all was how my then soon to be turning 3 year old son would receive the new baby. Would our relationship change? Would he feel left out and turn against his sibling? (I’d heard horror stories of such instances) – these thoughts kept me up at night sobbing silently.

Everyone around me was ecstatic though, all hoping for a sister for Jayden- you see I decided not to check gender during my pregnancy, and this suspense didn’t sit too well with some. Our family; extended and all is full of boys the last girl having made an appearance 12 years ago. You can then imagine how the waiting and expectations were too much. I on the other hand was leaning more towards having another boy, I’m surrounded by them, they are low maintenance, I know how to take care of them, how do I take care of a girl??

Three days early of the expected date, our baby arrived. We did not disappoint, finally after a long drought a girl had been born. Our little Arianna – it was love at first sight.

Four months later and Jaydee and Ari are the best of friends, when she starts crying and we’ve tried all tricks to try and get her to stop, we bring in the big ‘guns’ , one song from her big brother and her cries turn into soft coos , smiles and chuckles. He’s already clearly protective of her, refers to her as princess and mama not by anything else, I love it. I can’t wait to see the two of them together once they are older.

Being the baby girl amongst too many boys, Ari is referred to as a Rose among thorns and everybody wants her attention. We only hope she doesn’t get too spoilt. She has 3 other names which actually each mean or depict something beautiful, and she is to me the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on. Arianna is a very chilled baby – rarely makes a fuss and smiles a lot especially to her brother, and boy is she curious about technological gadgets already – she’ll let go of her rattle and try and reach for a phone instead.

I’m in so much awe of the relationship and bond that my kids have struck already, and taking care of a baby girl is great – so much wardrobe to play around with, all my fears were for nothing. I know the future is bright for both of them and I thank God for blessing us with these lovelies.

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