My Nana – My Miracle

Psalms 127:3 – “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb, a reward.

Every woman, well most of us desire to have children of our own at some point in our lives and I was no exception. I desired to be called mummy and at 34 years of age I felt, I was ready to be one.
I had always had heavy periods throughout my teenage and in my 20’s and they would last about 5 days. I never thought much of it, although I was always put on supplements and advised to eat iron rich foods as I was anaemic. Suddenly my periods became heavier and would last about 10 days. I started having frequent fainting bouts and would see stars and have black outs. I consulted my gynaecologist who recommended a myriad of tests. When the results came back they confirmed I had uterine fibroids.

Further tests confirmed that I had both submucosal fibroids (those that lie inside the uterine cavity) and intramural fibroids (those that lie within the muscular wall of the uterine) and because the submucosal ones, the only option was to have a myomectomy (surgical removal of fibroids) if I wanted to have the chance to conceive.

I went home and after discussions with my mum (a retired nurse), I sought a 2nd opinion and the diagnosis came back the same as from the first doctor. It was final………..Surgery was the only option! The turmoil that I experienced was catastrophic. Here I was, 35 years of age, childless, facing a myomectomy and to add salt to injury I had been battling high blood pressure for about a year then.. If it were not for mummy (God bless her soul) I would have sunk into depression.

As I didn’t have enough blood (due to excessive bleeding from my periods) I was anaemic and could not undergo surgery immediately. I was put on the medication Primolut( to treat my condition) for a month in order to save blood to enable me go to theatre and minimise the chances of a transfusion. On 8th April 2008, I underwent surgery and I thank God all went well.I recovered and embarked on project “Get A Baby”.

I conceived in March 2009 and was the happiest woman on earth! Even being abandoned by my then boyfriend and father of my baby didn’t deter me from soldiering on with the pregnancy as I knew I was truly carrying a miracle child. Around May of the same year, my BP started spiking and I was put on medication. Mine was such a high risk pregnancy that my doctor advised me not to shop for the baby until he was sure we could make it through. My mum and sisters shopped for my baby when I was admitted. That is how serious things were.

God was merciful and saw me through the entire journey. On 25th November 2009 I got my pretty daughter and named her Ivanna which means Gracious Gift from God because she was truly a gift given to me. I am still on BP medication but am as fit as a fiddle. My baby girl is now 4 1/2 years old and is such a joy and blessing to me.


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