Bradley – The Champ! Out of C-Section into a world of love

C-Section, the most defining moment in a man’s life as he waits for a new lease of life.

The clock stopped and I didn’t have the strength to wait and I feared for the worst. It was a C-Section. I knew it was a boy from the start and even had names in my head. 20mins in the theatre room, and Bradley was born. I was not there to watch him take his first breath nor welcome him into this world and I wasn’t there to hold my spouse’s hand during that time. I hope one day they’ll understand why I had to be 800Km away.

Bradley the champ 2-Little heartsDay 3 after the C-Section birth and I was at the hospital to hold him for the first time. He looked so fragile, so fragile that I feared I’d break him into two if I held him, but his cute face that seemed to make a smile at me was irresistible. I finally picked him up and held him against my chest so that he could hear my heartbeat. For me, this was the best moment in my life as I felt my body gain new energy and I saw myself in his eyes. I wished we could talk and tell him how I felt at that time but only tears from my eye could do that for me.

Catherine or Kayte as I call her is my spouse. We have been together for close to two and a half years. I’ve never been so proud of her and she smiled at me perhaps thinking that she was lucky to have two handsome look- alike men in her life (She tells me am handsome he he). I had always wished to have a baby boy right after graduating but never knew that that wish would come true this soon. We had bought a few clothes for baby Brad (Bradley) a month before the due date with her and we were both excited.

Bradley the champ-little heartsI honestly do not understand what goes through a man’s mind when they deny responsibility for pregnancies that they are responsible for but I have a piece of advice for them; children are nothing but pure blessings. I am enjoying mine and I wish every man would at the right time. Diaper change and bath times are my best times with him. I still feel him holding on to my shirt and not wanting to let go when I was leaving to go back to work and dream of him sleeping beside me and the mum every night. I am still thinking of a perfect gift for the mother of my child for giving us the gift of this wonderful baby boy.

A week ago, the 3.5Kg heavyweight champ went for his first clinic visit and he’s so growing fast and is so healthy. He is now 6Kg and growing. I may not be there each day to watch him grow but my heart is always with him and Kayte. I love them so much and I can’t imagine a world without them.

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