Little Galya – Aceing Her Milestones

My name is Marion and this is my motherhood journey

My daughter Galya (which means God has redeemed) was born on December 21 2013, weighing 2.5 kg. My pregnancy was the best! Although it was a little rough in the first two months, it was all smooth after wards. For a first pregnancy everyone said I had it nice and I thank God for that.

She is very active and has been right from the beginning. I went into labour at 4 am and delivered at 6:20 am. Quite a short duration or so I am told. The labour pain made it feel like it was 24 hrs long though. It was thankfully a normal delivery and I was out of the hospital after a day. Day 1 back home with my little Galya, she was so tiny. I would worry that I might be hurting her by holding her.

When she was 2 weeks old I noticed her eyes had turned yellow. I got so worried. My mum and I rushed her to the hospital. They got some tests done on her and the doctor said she was jaundiced. My heart sank at that moment. I started crying and the doctors and my mum tried to console me. For a first time mum you really don’t want anything to go wrong in those first moments. You are already as nervous as it is having a little person look up to you and depend on you wholly.

The doctor recommended that we get 48 hours phototherapy to help break down her bilirubin and curb the jaundice. Those were the worst and longest 48 hrs of my life. The first 12 hours she cried and I felt so helpless. But then we established a routine I would sing and hold her feet through the incubator and somehow that seemed to calm her down. She soon got better and we were out and back home, and from then onwards I’ve watched her grow super strong.

She’s been moving through her milestones so fast I can barely keep up. When she was 2 months she could hold her neck up for a few minutes. By 3 months she could stand firmly.

She’s by far been the best sleeper ever. From a tender age she would sleep all through the night. I actually had to wake her up for night feeds. By 5 months she could sit on her own and crawl over short distances.

When she turned 6 months she started mumbling mama… I was so excited but sadly it wasn’t time so she forgot it after a few days! I wonder why we get so excited like little children when our children call out to us by name J?

By 7 months she could stand up using furniture as support. Soon after when she was 8 months she gained the courage to walk around using furniture. However, by 8 months all of Galya’s peers had their teeth sprouting out and I was so worried. She had aced all her other milestones but that elusive tooth just wasn’t breaking out. I was so frustrated at first. I asked around but was told it could even take a year and a half. That eased my anxiety a bit.

She’s now 11 months and the tooth has finally broken out. I can’t even explain how excited I am. Isn’t it amazing how every mother celebrates milestones that are otherwise quite normal as unique to their child?

At almost 1 year now, my baby is so grown I can’t believe it. She knows how to express herself and says mama with so much confidence now. I couldn’t be more proud of her and myself too. And I can’t thank the Lord enough for this wonderful journey!!!!

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