King Arthur – The Hero

The grand entrance of our son into this world was amazing and a great blessing to our lives. Many times childbirth and the after birth don’t go as planned and surprises and lessons are eminent. It was quite a moment in our four plus year relationship at the time that I enjoy remembering. My lovely wife Carol endured labor with a lot of courage and in the wee hours of the 30th May 2012 morning we became the proud parents of bouncing baby boy. Seeing the joy in my wives expressive eyes and the bundle of joy next to her was humbling. Fast forward to 2014 and King Arthur is the hero of our house.

Arthur’s motor skills and senses are extensively being put into practice. He’s just turned two years and the curiosity to dismantle any object that he comes across is at its peak. His mastery of operating familiar objects is thrilling. Whenever he sees a laptop he moves with speed to try out his typing skills which has left his mother’s laptop bereft of backspace button amongst others. Over the months he has also explored multiple ways of traversing the house. From an overturned stool to his favorite “kitiyo”.

It took us a while to learn what this was. He owns a petite plastic chair that he holds dear. If you wish to pick a fight with him, you only need to move it from the strategic position that he’s chosen to position it. When the chair is on its side it changes from a scooter to a wheelbarrow. As I write this article he keeps on coming to me asking to be held up high in the air. Shortly he demands his aged baby walker. This is yet another priced object he owns that is constantly put to test. Mind you, he has outgrown it. His possessions are very versatile. This walker converts into an in-house wheelbarrow that carries water gallons atop the carrier and is used to ferry stuff from the living room or kitchen to the bedroom. I love his creativity. Daddie ataao……” he says. And although I don’t understand what he is saying, I look in his direction and smile. His wheelbarrow is stuck at the bedroom door and something has to be moved. We repeat the same several other times at different locations in the house. He has mastered the skill of reversing and going around corners. Maybe he is honing his Formula One driving skills.

King Arthur is a discoverer. He has made a set of discoveries and he is always proud to share them. However, I must admit that we do not always understand what he has to say. We are sometimes tasked to translate to our visitors what he says. He makes his demands using his developing pronunciation skills and it’s sometimes challenging to decode what he wants. His memory impresses me and he can recall the location of different applications on the phone. His favorite is an application called Talking Tom. His interest in our phones is epic. He recently copied and sent messages on a WhatsApp group and we now have to keep our phones out of reach. He once helped the nanny do some laundry but the item he chose to launder was the issue. With his petite fingers he dipped the phone in a bucket of water!

He is such a blessing in our lives and we are thankful to the Almighty for this gift. Every single day watching him learn and grow is amazing. Sure, parenting comes with a lot of responsibilities but the joy and the transformation and my wife and I’s new world view is worth it. My world would be meaningless without them.


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