Bun In The Oven

Hi there Mums! This is all new to me and I will do my best to share my journey with you as we engage and discuss my being pregnant (again) and my outlook on life in general. So, here I am 5 months into my pregnancy. I would like to say this is my second pregnancy but that would be wrong – as much as this is baby number 2.

I have had EPW (Early Pregnancy Waste as the doctors refer to it as) 4 times. I had to stop and count it as it has happened that many times. Can you imagine, had I not, this would be my 6th child! Anyway, EPW as I was made to understand it is when a woman miscarries before the 3 months are up. After my first child I conceived about 11 months later and lost the baby at 9 weeks, I was so fed up that I asked that the foetus be checked for abnormalities (there is a technical term – but I have baby brain and cannot remember it right now) and they said all was well. Sigh. I have stopped asking what went wrong and why.

Anyway, onto bigger (literally) and brighter things; my belly is growing and so is my bum! In which book did they say that your bum would grow in pregnancy? See I don’t mind if it grows outward to balance the bump (sort of) but this one of mine is growing sideways. Eh? I am so confused. The sideways growth is making it look flatter than usual.

I did hear famous model, Heidi Klum, once say that when you are pregnant things just grow. Oh gosh. Isn’t that the truth! My breasts look like two fat friends who can’t stop gossiping at the moment. When I am not preggers – they turn and look the other way and act like snobs with really saggy figures! And then am told when I deliver they will become bigger – fun times. I don’t know if you can tell, but am not so into the big chests – it is just something personal I guess.

Meanwhile my little munchkin is kicking and moving – this is the best part about being pregnant. When you can feel your baby wiggle inside you it’s magic. I love it when I get a nudge or a kick from the womb, makes me smile and feel like a mama.

But what it has taken to get here is no joke. Pregnancy drives a woman all sorts of crazy. For me the first time around it took all of 14 weeks to get rid of the morning sickness. This time – ha! Well, let’s just say that when ‘they’ say each pregnancy is different, ‘they’ aren’t lying. I have been so sick this time it has been unreal. But motherhood is not easy right? And each child that comes to us is a blessing. And I have to say, the end result is very well worth it!

For now mums, let me leave it here – let me know what you would like to know more about and I promise to be dead honest about it.

Until the next time, from one mum to another – kiss your cuties from me and I shall blog again soon.


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