Christmas Came Early

So my Nyakio finally walked!!!!! I don’t know how express how happy I am at this point!!! If I could to cartwheels and summersaults I definitely would!

I must admit I was getting nervous about her walking. Tumiso walked at 13 months…which in my ill-advised opinion, was late. Now…when Nyakio hit 16 months, without taking a step on her own…I took her to hospital to try understand if there’s a real issue at hand. “She just has a bit of trouble balancing, but she’s absolutely fine”. Was the response from both pediatricians I saw (yes….I strongly believe in 2nd opinions, and 3rd ones if need be)

Even with the reassurance from the doctors, I was all over Google trying to understand if there’s something else I need to know.

Now, moms….Google is a good thing….but it also has the potential of being extremely scary, especially when it brings up names of conditions you can hardly pronounce!

Back to our all-important milestone….she chose to take her first precious steps when her father and I were away on business in Dubai. ….like seriously??

After all my stressing, worrying and anticipation, was it really fair that she did the big do when I was away? L BUT!! Oh how glad I am that my baby is finally walking around the house. Despite the fact that I have to step up my baby- proofing now, I can comfortably say, this is the best Christmas gift I could have asked for.

Merry Christmas moms!! May you and yours be truly blessed throughout the season, and in the New Year!

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