Wahu’s organic resolution

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Most people don’t subscribe to the idea of making New Year’s resolutions. Well, I didn’t either for a long time; mostly because whenever I attempted to make a resolution, I’d only be good for just 2 months…or maybe…3 if I actually gave it a gospel shot. So in order to avoid disappointment, I’ve simply just been sailing resolution free through the years.

Sheer determination to lose my post pregnancy weight

This was until last year, when I decided that I would push my exercising to the top of my priority list. To be honest, my sheer determination to lose my post pregnancy weight is what drove me to work out like a mad woman. Last year I swam, I walked, I joined a gym and drank at least 2 litres of water per day. I only dropped the ball towards the end if the year, in September, and for someone whose resolutions had previously been meaningless, I’d say I did a pretty good job.

I previously considered going organic as a lifestyle choice for the wealthy

So because I now have new found confidence in myself as far as upholding resolutions is concerned, I’m gunning for it once again. I intend that by June this year, my family’s diet shall be, at the very least, 80% organic!




I previously considered going organic as a lifestyle choice for the wealthy. People with lots of time and money to spend…because, lets face it, sourcing for unprocessed food with no chemical and synthetic additives is not the easiest thing.

So why have I, after all these years, decided that this is something worth undertaking?

How much healthier will we be as a family?

When I started working out last year, I realized that over and above achieving my weight loss goals, working out made me feel great about myself, and gave me lots of energy and zest to face my hectic, paper chasing life. So I thought to myself, “What if I now began to feed my body with natural unprocessed foods? How much better would I feel? How much healthier will we be as a family? How great would it be for my kids? How many more lifestyle associated diseases would we avoid?”

Also, let’s not forget the recent articles on farming malpractices that may ultimately be harmful to our health as consumers – that has definitely helped me push my organic resolution into gear.

We as a society actually have an upper hand when it comes to eating healthy

Here’s the thing that I’ve realized though – we as a society actually have an upper hand when it comes to eating healthy. It’s just that we don’t know it, don’t prioritize it, or don’t bother at all. But when you really think about it, most of us either have a rural home, or know someone who does right? So finding a farmer who is practicing organic farming or who has the capacity to do so is not too difficult. Maybe it’s just that this label ‘organic’ and the thought of it all may be quite daunting.

But I’ve decided that I’m gonna do it. I’m going organic, and so is my little clan – they don’t have much of a choice, do they? I’m quite excited about it! Doing lots of research and increasing my knowledge on the same. 80% by June is achievable, wouldn’t you say?

What are your resolutions? What are your thoughts as regards organic food? Please do share! And happy New Year! View my other blogs CLICK HERE


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