If I didn’t lose weight this holiday season, I don’t know when I will!! With all the running around both on the work and home front, I should have lost a couple of kgs…but I didn’t; actually I successfully packed on some more…3kgs to be precise. But that’s not what I want to talk about today 

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say the December holidays are usually not as restful as they should be. With our DMs gone off to be with their loved ones, and you having to run things almost entirely on your own, it’s bound to be a trial of sorts.

Mine sure was…with a series of scheduled performances (which entail lots of rehearsal) on the one hand, my salon being hectically busy on the other, a seven year old who’s morning greeting is followed by “what are we doing today” and a four month old who doesn’t love the bottle, I think it suffices to say that the holidays were hectic to say the least. At some point I wanted to just shut my bedroom door, run the bath and just chill. But could I? Not quite.

The height of it came when my lovely DM happily packed her bags for the holidays. This may sound a little “urbanite” but I wanted to cry!!! Over and above aaalll I have to deal with, now am also responsible for cooking, cleaning the house and the laundry. I dare say these have been the hardest 3 weeks of my entire year…but I got through it. Back aching, and all, but MAMA DID IT!!!

But through it all, I managed to bring out some skills I’ve learned along the life’s path:

Number 1 – If you can delegate, go ahead and do so.

Number 2 – work with what you’ve got.

With this in mind, I hit the “battle field” after being married for 8 years, I sorta know the things I shouldn’t try asking my hubby to do – He’s never gonna vacuum the carpet right, do the dishes, or prepare dinner . However, he’s mastered shopping, taking out the trash, baby sitting and entertaining Tumi. (That’s when he’s not on stage or at rehearsals himself; luckily, none of our performances coincided, so that worked out ok). Everything else falls in my docket i.e., cooking, cleaning, laundry, bath & bedtime for the girls, bearing in mind that my businesses (both music and the salon) were at their peak too. Maaaan!!! It feels like I lived my whole year in 3 weeks!

So I ask myself…how did my mum do it? At the age of 24, she had four kids aged 0-4, a career as a banker, and a very traditional husband. Can I just repeat, 4 KIDS UNDER THE AGE OF 4!! How did she get through the times she had no help? Now I know why her favorite song to hum in the morning as she prepared breakfast was “why worry, when you can pray.”  

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!!! Kisses to your little ones!!

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