School Already!?

Is it me, or has this year literally just bolted by?? I mean….. Was it not just the other day we were wishing each other a Happy New Year?? If I were given the option, I’d definitely go back into time….June wouldn’t be a bad month to go back to….then I’d have a bit more time to do all the stuff I’d planned and purposed to do ….like window shopping for a kindergarten for my baby – Yes….my little angel is due to start school next year, and I’m still not sure where!

kids need enough time to sleep and play

Of-course for me, proximity is very critical, because I’m not trying to get caught in traffic jam dropping or picking the baby, and neither am I planning on waking her up too early to get ready for school. That’s just me. I believe kids need enough time to sleep and play, and one way to make sure that they do, is by living not too far from where they go to school.  I’m also biased towards intimate school settings with a small class size. It assures me that my little one will have her fair share of attention and have the opportunity to express herself and be heard.  I’m not to keen at this age about the school system…quite frankly, proximity, size, cleanliness, and Godliness are my most critical points.

But here’s the funny thing, despite knowing that baby Kio is to start play group in January….and despite knowing exactly what I want in a school, I haven’t yet set out to actively look for one!!

It worked like a charm

It’s so funny how with my first child, everything was not only done meticulously, but in good and perfect time.  Thankfully, after searching far and wide, the best play group just happened to be just 4 gates away from our house. Talk about convenience! Did I mention that my Tumi went to school at 1 year 8 months? I know you’re like “Who does that!???!” But really….it was three days a week for 2 hours (of singing and playing)…and 1 minute away. It worked like a charm.

Second born syndrome

I have felt no need to rush into it with my Nyakio. Second born syndrome I guess… I’m a lot more laid back – chall out, and quite frankly, I really enjoy having her around the house, now that I work a lot out of my home office. She’s such happy company. However, it’s really not about me is it?… I think 2.5 is a good age for little people to begin pre-school, though my decision is not cast in stone.

Side note:- I told my Nanny that Kio will be starting school in January  and she was like “Aki si nitaboeka! Nitakua niki do? Si unizalie mwingine?” lol!!! Anyway…

What’s your take on school though? When is a good age for kids to start school, and why? When did your little ones start? Or when are you planning for them to start? I’d love to hear from you.

PS….I SOOOOO MISSED BLOGGING!! So happy to be doing this once again




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