Potty Training – The Success Story by Wahu Kagwi

Lol! My husband has just walked in, looked at what I am blogging about, and commented “Isn’t that some kind of invasion of privacy? Like seriously….you are talking about another human being’s “private time” in a very public space!!” Hahahahaha!!! Potty training success!!!

Poop – I’m very interested in the consistency, the smell, the color…

Quite honestly, I have never looked at it that way….I am just an honestly happy mum who is sharing her potty training journey with other mums! I think once you become a mom, your approach to some of these things really changes. Like, I’d never look at my kids poop as eeeewwww……. Instead I’m very interested in the consistency, the smell, the color… such like things Hahahahaha!! Motherhood! It’s a wonderful experience that completely transforms your world. Things that would otherwise seem irrelevant take on new importance. Right Mums? I am sure you can all relate.

Anyway, back to our potty training story…..IT’S A WRAP!! A done deal! Potty training box checked!! So much so, that today, 3 weeks after we began the potty training project, she did not even ask to go to the potty, she came to report her success. She announced to us that she’s done the do, and now wants some tamu tamu. All this, as she soaked in all the praises, cheers, Hi Fives and the entire hullabaloo, fanfare and razzmatazz surrounding her great success. It was truly celebration time! Later on in the day, our nanny told me she found our Miss Nyakio trying to empty her pee out of the potty, and into the toilet, the way she sees us do it….I’m SOOOO JAZZZZEDDD!! She’s now understood quite well what being pressed means, and the appropriate response. That really is the essence of what potty training is about.

After potty training success, “It’s ok, you can pee or poop in the diaper” is NOT OK

But here’s the DOWN side of it – our dear Nyakio has been suffering from a bad cold and as such, has been having a hard time sleeping. Now….. try telling a baby who has just discovered how to pee in potty, “It’s ok, you can pee or poop in the diaper” at 3am. It doesn’t work after potty training success, trust me. Not with her newly found victory of doing the do in her precious potty. So no matter how sleepy you are or how much you want to do the bare minimum, you have to get up, remove her diaper and indulge her.

Jana my hubby was up with her from about 11pm to about 3am when she finally fell asleep. I kept hearing him make random trips to empty the potty every so often… hahahahaha! Not so much fun at that strange hour of the night! 😀

Good job!!! Go and get some chocolate!!”

On a lighter note still on potty related matters – Nyakio walked in on me when I was going for a short call (don’t judge me, we’ve all done it as mums 😀 ). Her face lit up as she looked at me and began to clap and cheer loudly saying “Yeyyyyy Mummy!!! Good job!!! Go and get some chocolate!!” Hahahaha!!!

Peace out mummies!!!


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