Sharing baby care roles with my hubby | Wahu Kagwi

Sharing parenting responsibilities: The other day my hubby asked me, “ala? Kwani Nyakio doesn’t wake up at night these days?” Lol…I wish! It’s more like you don’t hear her wake up at night.

The truth is, there was a time when my attitude about sharing baby care roles with my husband was more like, “We must suffer together!” This was especially true with my first born child, Tumiso. I would wake up, feed the baby and convince my hubby how his wonderful broad shoulders were perfect for burping the baby.

So yes, we suffered together in baby care roles. We’d both have wine red eyes every morning, for a looong time.

But as time went along, my wonderful husband began to “drop the ball” and would probably not burp the baby enough…or he would fall asleep in the process, or even get fast asleep so that I wouldn’t disturb him with baby care matters.

So here was my take home from that whole experience – Unless I really do need the help, there are some roles in baby care I’m better off doing myself, because someone else may not do it to my satisfaction.

So there are things that I’ve decided I shall not delegate in caring for my baby: washing the baby, cleaning her feeding bottles and burping her after her middle-of-the-night feeds; that’s of course if she doesn’t wake up at night and want to play, because at that point I will happily hand her over to my hubby for some valuable “daddy-daughter bonding”. So the baby care role sharing continues, nevertheless!

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