The Mathenge August Babies

Call it coincidence or fate, but all my babies just so happen to be born in the month of August. Tumiso was born on 1st, Nyakio on the 9th and my hubby on the 10th. To be quite honest, Nyakio’s EDD was on my hubby’s birthday, but I guess she decided she was not going to share the spotlight with anybody else!

I must say though that baby number two has been so much easier! Minimal stress levels, as I always seem to know what to do.

I remember Tumiso’s first birthday which was really in all honesty, the celebration of a job well done by Mummy. I was literally congratulating myself for making it through year one because man!! it was quite a nerve wrecking year for me as a first time mom.

Truth be told – this year’s birthday party was not about me at all . And to exemplify that sharing is caring, we had one big combined birthday bash for all our August babies. It was such a blast! Not to mention, easier on the pocket, because we only had to do this one party for the entire year…..well….two, considering I’m a lone ranger in the family born in March.

I thank God for my family, I thank God for my husband of 9 years, my little angel Tumiso who is now 8, and my littlest angel (as we call her at home) Nyakio who just turned one.

May God shine His light on you guys all the days of your lives. May you prosper in all you do, and may you always know joy, peace and love.


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