Oh no…its colic!

My little Nyakio has colic. Colic is defined as unexplainable crying that lasts for not less than 3 hours a day, at least 3 times a week, for about 3 months. It’s a medical mystery that doctors still cannot fully unravel.

My paediatrician told me it has to do with an underdeveloped digestive system that’s not able to fully process gas. Nyakio’s colic hits at around 7 pm every night and can last till midnight. Let me tell you… nothing is more heartbreaking than to hold your baby as she cries without end, yet there’s nothing much you can do to relieve her pain.

I’ve heard all sorts of suggestions to try and relieve her, but the most annoying advice I’ve been given so far is “mama nyonyesha mtoto ana njaa” … I mean…don’t you think that’s the first I would’ve tried?? Smh !!

It can, and has been a draining situation for me and my hubby to deal with; mentally, emotionally and physically, as we try all manner of remedies to ease her pain…

Mummies and daddies; let’s talk about this for a bit, as I know many others have gone through it before, while others are still going through it. Let’s support each other and offer some helpful suggestions that can help our little ones get over it. I need to share more on my latest encounter with colic and to learn from you too.


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