Separation anxiety!

I cannot believe this is me. Seriously??!!! Why oh why am I having issues with moving my baby out of my bedroom?? Its 11pm and I’m looking at her lying here next to me and I’m thinking nooooooo! I’m going to miss uuuuuu!

Truth be told, this was absolutely not my experience with my first baby. Tumi moved out of our room when she was 5 months old. With her, I felt the need to be a lot more structured, follow regimens, set deadlines, be “strict” about things. Looking back, I figure I was being an aggressive first time mom, who felt that was what was best for my baby. With Nyakio, I’m a lot more relaxed – a lot more easy going. I guess my current take on life is that as long as baby is healthy, feeding and pooping well, everything else will naturally fall into place.

So…………………… why am I moving her out? I promised Tumi that as soon as Nyakio was sleeping through the night, she’d become her room-mate. She’s been looking forward to this for a loooong time, as she felt sad that everybody else in her family slept in one room apart from her.

So I got Nyakio a cute baby bed, as she currently sleeps in a co-sleeper, which I might add, she has long outgrown. Her new bed is sitting pretty in Tumi’s room, but still, I keep finding reasons to keep her in ours. What’s my current excuse? The new baby bed doesn’t have a mattress, to which Tumi says “Mummy that’s a very small problem! Come I’ll take you shopping for one”

So I guess this is my last week with my Nyakio in our room. I shall definitely miss turning over and hearing her cute baby noises in the middle of the night.

Has anyone else had separation anxiety of any kind? Or is having baby in another room working out for you? Please share your experience!

Muchos love.


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