Hosting My Daughter’s 7th Birthday, 7 Days To My EDD

So my sweet Tumiso turned 7 on the 1st of August! Man!! Time does fly! It seems like just the other day, that I was burping her! Of course whenever I narrate such stories to her she almost rolls her eyes at me in a manner that suggests that I’ve told this story waaaay too many times . But it’s true…it really feels like just the other day.

There’s a lot that goes with turning 7…and one of the most crucial things in a 7 year olds life on their birthday is taking cake to school. Oh yea…it IS quite a big deal, apparently. Back then when I was a kid, this ‘tradition’ was designated to the “cool kids” of which I wasn’t, so it wasn’t a big deal; I’d just make friends with the kids I thought would bring cake, so as to secure my chances of getting a big piece 

Back to present times; Over and above taking cake to school, the next most important thing in a 7 year old’s life, is a birthday party. I wish somebody told me this when I was busy throwing a big party when Tumi turned one. A party didn’t matter so much then as it does now!! So, despite the fact that I could go into labor at any point now, I had to indulge her. Besides, there’s been so much talk about a new baby in the Mathenge household that I felt if that if I dared downplay her birthday, she would never forgive me.

So, there we were, on Saturday afternoon, with kids galore, jumping castles…and a camel!  I thought the camel was a nice touch! 😉 It’s amazing how kids get so excited by these creatures. I guess I would too, if I was 7. People thought that with the way I was moving around that day, I’d go into labor…but I didn’t! I live to tell the tale!! No labor, just lots of exhaustion by the end of the day 

And as Camp Mulla would say, “this party don stop! It goes on and on”…. Tumi came back home with a couple of friends for the night. My house was turned upside down; and they girls fell asleep waaaay past their bedtime; but they had a lovely time, and that’s all that counts. I think these are those moments that turn out to make beautiful memories somewhere in one’s future.

Sunday morning was mommy’s morning off. So the little girls woke up at their own sweet time and my hubby made his “famous eggs” for breakfast.
The good thing about this age is that they entertain themselves…all you have to do is set the ground rules. No bouncing balls in the house, no shoes on the carpet and if you’re going outside, put on a jumper…Once I did this, I slithered back into my bed and lazed away .

Tired? Yes. Was it worth it? Oh yea. I guess we can sometimes under-estimate our capacity as women. Coz the truth is, when you’ve got to do something, for sure you will rise to the occasion, pregnant or not. That’s why I say being a woman is a beautiful thing! Au siyo? 

So Happy birthday my Tumiso, my sweet love. May God continue to bless you, guide you and protect you. Amen

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