Epidural Delivery….Good Or Bad Idea?

I opted to have an epidural while delivering my Nyakio. Why? The thought of a painless experience was tremendously appealing. Having had a normal (epidural free) birth the first time round – and knowing the inexplicable pain of it – I was extremely pleasantly surprised when I went through my epidural assisted delivery this time. I remember how calmly I told my husband that I could feel the baby’s head, and if he didn’t get the doctor, he’d have to “catch” the baby himself 😀 . I was very calm – probably too calm – especially after the experience we’d gone through with Tumiso, where I was literally hanging on his dreadlocks in pain at one point during labor :-D.

So baby Nyakio came into this world in a painless manner, and I remember thinking to myself that if this epidural thing catches on in Kenya, woe unto the Kenyan population, because people will be giving birth left right and centre! Because lets face it, the pain of giving birth in itself is a birth control right? 

But here’s the thing, several months down the line, I’m experiencing severe backaches, so much so that the mere thought of wearing my heels (which I love to death) is unbearable. Moreover, I cannot carry my baby up the stairs without flinching in pain. If there’s any word to describe what I’m going through right now, I’d probably pick “hell”

I tend to think that this pain is associated with the epidural I had, and this worries me. I had done my due diligence before undergoing the procedure and talked to a couple of gynecologists who highly recommended it, with the guarantee of no lasting side effects. I’d also talked to a couple of women who had experienced epidural deliveries, and the issue of lasting backaches never arose. Even the online reviews I’d seen then, never presented backaches as a major issue! I have since Googled “backaches after epidural” which much to my dismay, brings out a totally different set of reviews, with some women experiencing pains several years after delivery! Sigh…..

I’m currently seeing a therapist, who advises that my backaches may not necessarily be linked to the epidural, but to a road accident I’d had some time back She also mentioned that it is extremely important to go for pre and postnatal therapy following an epidural procedure – wise counsel which I really wish I’d been given as I considered the procedure.

I’m currently conflicted, and quite frankly, angry at what I’m going through right now. I am however hopeful that with my therapy sessions, this aggravating pain shall once and for all come to an end.

All I’d say, if you’re considering an epidural, research WIDELY!

Have you undergone an epidural, or know someone who has? Have any back-related issues emerged? Let’s talk.


  1. Winnie Akinyi on May 17, 2020 at 11:12 pm

    I was reading about epidural today, and I remembered I’d seen something about it from you. I’m currently researching on it. Did you ever get further comments from people who’ve experienced it?

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