….Why my nose?… | By Wahu Kagwi

So… pregnant women not only add weight, but are actually encouraged to do so for the sake of their unborn babies. My doctor had advised me to add at least 12 kilos in the course of my pregnancy.

Well, so far, I’ve done ‘a little’ over that…5kgs above the recommendation to be specific But I’m not giving myself a hard time about it. We’ll deal with the weight loss strategy after baby comes 😉

The last trimester is particularly set apart by nature for baby to really add some flesh…so no matter how little or how much you eat, be it just a bite or a mountain full, the reproductive system somehow slows down your metabolism so as to give the placenta enough time to absorb all the nutrients that your precious little one needs to grow.

That is all great and dandy, and I absolutely have no issues with weight gain during pregnancy, because it’s all for a good cause.

BUT…why on God’s beautiful earth, does the nose have to swell???! Think about it….in the last few days of a woman’s pregnancy, her nose – and lips at times – tend to “blow up”.

Might I add however that this doesn’t happen to all women; just a few of us ‘unlucky’ ones! They say that it’s water retention, and it’s a normal process of nature; But surely, can the water be retained in another part of the body that is not so visible???! Why my nose?

The good thing about being pregnant though, is that people are generally sweet to you, and will hardly comment negatively about you, or how much your body has changed. My hubby is particularly sweet about it as well.” You look as beautiful as ever! Nose? What nose? ” Lol… liar!!

I was really hoping that this time around the nose issue wouldn’t feature; But sure enough….TADADAAAAA!!! THE NOSE IS HERE WITH ME!!!

Good news is that everything – this especially – will get back to normal once baby is finally here. Nevertheless, that’s my pregnancy woe….what’s yours?

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