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Debbie Asila of Tatuu

By Babylove Network | December 22, 2016

Getting back to work ‘Leaving my baby and going back to work was the most difficult thing for me!’ She is a mother, a wife, a radio presenter, a musician and, recently, an actress. Meet Debbie Asila of the sensational Kenyan music trio, Tattuu, as she talks about how motherhood has affected her career and…

Why does my baby have nappy rash?

By Babylove Network | November 11, 2016

When babies experience any form of discomfort, it sets all at unease and households are restless until solutions are met. Nappy rash is one nagging bug when it comes to babies and discomfort. In this article, reasons, types, solutions and remedies to nappy rash are well explained…..

Dehydration can kill your child!

By Babylove Network | November 9, 2016

Dehydration is one of the most common conditions, that affect infants and toddlers. It often occurs as a result of loss of body fluids through vomiting, fever or diarrhoea. Babies may get dehydrated quickly when they lose a lot of water and salts. If not hospitalized immediately, dehydration can cause serious complications and even lead…

Premature birth: hints for survival part 1

By Babylove Network | November 9, 2016

We always await our EDD with hope and anticipation. Marking down the nine months day by day, on our calendars. However, as is the stuff of life, certain outcomes and constilations are out of our hands. This is especially the case when it comes to completing our full term gestation periods. Different outcomes could prevail, one of them being an unexpected premature delivery.


By Babylove Network | November 9, 2016

Helping your spouse bond with your new baby Who is the firstborn in your family? Many women say their husband is their first child. Interestingly, some men agree! Maybe because if there is one reason that can make a relationship between a couple go away, it is a man’s perception that his partner is neglecting him…

Baby naming battles

By Babylove Network | November 9, 2016

Is a name worth the fight? ‘My  name is Cynthia Susan Scolastica Nyakega Wambui Mwangi,’ states a two-year-old girl. “Now where on earth did she get all those names?”, you wonder aloud. You are pregnant and suddenly you start to think about your baby’s names. Do you have a name for your baby? Have you…

Shy moments 9

By Babylove Network | November 8, 2016

Ooops! When I went for my ultrasound at 20 weeks, I was suffering from painful gas in my stomach. My husband held my hand as the radiologist began examining me. He pressed down on my stomach and a large and noisy gush of air escaped from my behind. Ooops! The three of us froze. I…

Baby breakfast disaster!

By Babylove Network | November 9, 2016

It was a fine morning, and an energetic Kuria did what he was accustomed to: as he left for work, he passed through where baby Wambui was sleeping, kissed her good bye and then rushed off. He was close to his daughter: he loved her very much. Every evening he made sure he brought his…

Sexually assaulted babies

By Babylove Network | December 22, 2016

Child sexual abuse is still (sadly) a common occurrence. With cases dating back to our childhood as current parents and adults to present child molestation occurrences, these violation cases of our young ones are as heartbreaking as ever. Lessons of understanding on this issues as well as holistic recovery directives are imperative.

Mum-dad intimacy – should your baby sleep in your bed?

By Babylove Network | November 6, 2016

Envisage this: you are busy kissing in bed when you are startled by a pat on your back. ‘Dad,’ comes the soft voice of your newly-walking toto. When did you wake up!’ you wonder aloud. Even though he is just a baby and does not yet fully grasp the nature of your nocturnal activities, you know…