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Does your baby have jaundice?

By Babylove Network | June 30, 2021

Have you seen a newborn baby with yellow skin or yellow eyeballs? If yes, chances are the baby is suffering from jaundice. If your baby has jaundice do not be alarmed; the condition is common and can be treated effectively but if neglected sever jaundice can harm your baby. Causes of Jaundice Jaundice is the…

Baby chat

By Babylove Network | August 2, 2021

My daughter seems so angry I have a 4 month old daughter who gets so angry whenever she doesn’t get what she wants. She constantly grabs for toys and when she can’t reach them, she almost growls and refuses to smile with anyone. She also has serious stranger anxiety and will not go anywhere with…

SID-when the dark cloud settles over the cot

By Babylove Network | August 3, 2021

Sarah edged towards the cot with her heart beating in her mouth. The baby had slept for unusually long. And every step towards the cot seemed to affirm her fears. The baby was so quiet. The covers still-not even a tweak. Her trembling hand slowly exposed the baby’s face. Lord! She is not breathing. She…

My baby’s hot water scalding accident

By Babylove Network | August 3, 2021

My baby’s involvement in a hot water scalding accident was scary! Ever since I got my baby boy Jeff, I could not remember him falling. Or having one of those ‘common’ accidents. Maybe I was a freak but I wouldn’t have liked any harm to come to my baby — not when it could be…

Yummy Kiddie menus

By Babylove Network | July 22, 2021

School is back and the kids are happy to see their friend again after the holidays. Guess what else has happened? They have moved one class up; not only do they feel grown but they are in fact growing. This issue’s recipes are supposed to boost the kid’s energy for more work in school and…

I had to quit my job

By Babylove Network | July 26, 2021

Clarence and Pauline Amuhoyi are the proud parents of six month old baby Tawny. Pauline tells us about their experiences as new parents… In as much as the pregnancy was planned for, when I found out I was pregnant, I was very excited yet scared and anxious all at the same time. She was born…

Extra tuition-Reading between the lines

By Babylove Network | August 1, 2021

Every parent’s wish is to see her children bring home impressive grades from school. It is therefore only natural for parents to worry when their children perform poorly. Most schools have adopted extra tuition as a way of helping students improve their grades. Unfortunately, tuition has over the years acquired a notorious reputation of overworking…

Childless? – letting another woman get pregnant on your behalf

By Babylove Network | July 26, 2021

Wandia and John had been trying to bear a child countless times, unsuccessfully. They had listened to every old woman’s folktales on fertility enhancement and would have visited a local mganga were it not for the good Lord forbidding it in His word. Then once, after months of drinking beetroot and amaranth—she believes that was…

Convulsions- A Parent’s Moment of Terror!

By Babylove Network | August 3, 2021

It is dreaded by most parents, but few understand why it happens and how to prevent it. The term ‘convulsion’ is commonly used interchangeably with ‘seizure.’  There are many types of seizures, but one particular type relevant to babies is ‘febrile seizure’, which is triggered by a fever. This type of seizure mostly occurs between…

Sexually assaulted babies

By Babylove Network | July 22, 2021

Child sexual abuse is still (sadly) a common occurrence. With cases dating back to our childhood as current parents and adults to present child molestation occurrences, these violation cases of our young ones are as heartbreaking as ever. Lessons of understanding on this issues as well as holistic recovery directives are imperative.