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Cry baby

By Babylove Network | July 23, 2021

Tips and guidelines on why babies cry and how to soothe them.

Simple guidelines on hand-washing to help your child stay healthy

By Babylove Network | July 30, 2021

Dirt, germs and children go hand in hand. This is because children touch almost everything they set their eyes on. And after doing this, they will most likely put their hands in the mouth. It therefore makes it very difficult to separate the three or better still prevent children from coming into contact with dirt. However, encouraging them to wash their…

Childless? – letting another woman get pregnant on your behalf

By Babylove Network | July 26, 2021

Wandia and John had been trying to bear a child countless times, unsuccessfully. They had listened to every old woman’s folktales on fertility enhancement and would have visited a local mganga were it not for the good Lord forbidding it in His word. Then once, after months of drinking beetroot and amaranth—she believes that was…

Booby time – perfect guideline

By Babylove Network | August 3, 2021

BabyLove’s last issue had it that breastfeeding is very important. It helps in mother—baby bonding, it is always available, sterile and always at the correct temperature. It is easy to digest, provides wholesome nutrition, provides the baby with much needed immunity, keeps allergies at bay allergies and helps mum to lose weight among others. This…

Weaning – The best way how

By Babylove Network | July 22, 2021

I am at that age when most of my peers are having their first baby. When the weekend comes and goes, the one thing that I can aptly account for is a visit to see these bundles of joy. I keep a catalog that I religiously cancel out who I have visited and plan for…

Healthy nutrition for growth and development

By Babylove Network | July 22, 2021

Guidelines Rigid timings should not be set for feeding. As a general guideline, five minutes per breast per feed on the first day, 10 minutes on the second day and 15 minutes thereafter can be tried. Early initiation of breast- feeding is important. The baby should be put to the breast as soon as possible. In the…

Your child has measles? Fruits and rest work magic

By Babylove Network | July 30, 2021

Most countries, Kenya included, have achieved the United Nations goal of reducing deaths from measles by 90 per cent between 2000 and 2010. The World Health Organization (WHO) attributes this to vigorous vaccination campaigns. However, experts fear that there might be a resurgence in deaths from measles if the vaccination efforts are not sustained, because…

‘Baraka’ after 5 years of infertility

By Babylove Network | August 3, 2021

Having been without a baby for five years, despite concerted attempts, Vicky and Steve Ogali could barely contain their joy on 4 January 2007 when Vicky finally gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, Nathaniel Baraka. In an interview with Pregnant staff writers Roseline Atieno and Rebecca Njoki, Vicky and Steve share their joy of…

Traditional food good for children

By Babylove Network | July 30, 2021

The light grey dawn of every weekday morning finds Mary Wambui preparing breakfast for her two children and husband. Once the family is fed, she packs her children’s favourite snacks, which include mandazi, sausages, and queencakes along with ready-to- drink artificial fruit juice and sends them to school. At school, the teachers are concerned that Mary’s…

In search of understanding

By Babylove Network | July 26, 2021

The days following my confirmation to my family that I was expectant were filled with drama. From my son, the maid and unfortunately, my husband too, smiles were not forthcoming. Not that I had bothered to explain my pregnancy to anyone, but it appeared to me that everyone, including the neighbour’s cat and the watchman’s…