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Newborn reflexes — understand your new baby’s motions

By Babylove Network | July 20, 2016

As she waits to see her baby for the first time after birth, a new mum should understand her baby’s reflexes and early habits. Newborn reflexes are involuntary movements or actions of an infant in response to different circumstances. How soon a mother can hold her baby in her arms after delivery depends on the…

Inverted nipple

By Babylove Network | November 11, 2016

To many, talking inverted nipples is an unheard of phenomenon. You may want to ask ‘how can a nipple be inverted?’ while some are contemplating how nipples can be inverted, others are wondering whether their nipples are inverted or not. Below is the story of Carol Gitonga who has had a difficult time  breastfeeding her babies because…

Debbie Asila of Tatuu

By Babylove Network | December 22, 2016

Getting back to work ‘Leaving my baby and going back to work was the most difficult thing for me!’ She is a mother, a wife, a radio presenter, a musician and, recently, an actress. Meet Debbie Asila of the sensational Kenyan music trio, Tattuu, as she talks about how motherhood has affected her career and…

Does your baby have jaundice?

By Babylove Network | December 22, 2016

Have you seen a newborn baby with yellow skin or yellow eyeballs? If yes, chances are the baby Is suffering from jaundice. If your baby has jaundice do not be alarmed: the condition is common, and can be treated effectively- but if neglected severe jaundice can harm your baby. Causes of Jaundice Jaundice is the…

Caring for baby’s navel

By Babylove Network | November 3, 2016

Babies receive nourishment and oxygen in the womb through the placenta, which is connected to the inner wall of the mother’s uterus. The placenta is connected to the baby by the umbilical cord through an opening in the baby’s abdomen(‘umbillicus’). The umbilical cord is the only channel of communication between the child and the mother during…

Mum-dad intimacy – should your baby sleep in your bed?

By Babylove Network | November 6, 2016

Envisage this: you are busy kissing in bed when you are startled by a pat on your back. ‘Dad,’ comes the soft voice of your newly-walking toto. When did you wake up!’ you wonder aloud. Even though he is just a baby and does not yet fully grasp the nature of your nocturnal activities, you know…

Childhood immunization

By Babylove Network | December 22, 2016

Immunization enables the body to recognize and destroy disease agents. The importance of immunizing cannot be overemphasized, writes PATRICK OMUGA. What is immunization? Immunization, also known as vaccination, works by stimulating the immune system—the natural disease fighting system of the body. A healthy immune system is able to recognize invading bacteria and viruses and produce…

Now that I am home with a baby-what next?

By Babylove Network | December 22, 2016

Irene Werehire details the mixed feelings of a new mum during the first several weeks after delivery. Time flies. Last year at a time like this, I was four weeks pregnant and my husband (then my fiance) and I, were busy planning what next. Today is 8th January and my baby is exactly four months…

Premature birth: hints for survival part 1

By Babylove Network | November 9, 2016

We always await our EDD with hope and anticipation. Marking down the nine months day by day, on our calendars. However, as is the stuff of life, certain outcomes and constilations are out of our hands. This is especially the case when it comes to completing our full term gestation periods. Different outcomes could prevail, one of them being an unexpected premature delivery.

Shy moments 9

By Babylove Network | November 8, 2016

Ooops! When I went for my ultrasound at 20 weeks, I was suffering from painful gas in my stomach. My husband held my hand as the radiologist began examining me. He pressed down on my stomach and a large and noisy gush of air escaped from my behind. Ooops! The three of us froze. I…