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By Babylove Network | November 9, 2016

Helping your spouse bond with your new baby Who is the firstborn in your family? Many women say their husband is their first child. Interestingly, some men agree! Maybe because if there is one reason that can make a relationship between a couple go away, it is a man’s perception that his partner is neglecting him…

Mum-dad intimacy – should your baby sleep in your bed?

By Babylove Network | November 6, 2016

Envisage this: you are busy kissing in bed when you are startled by a pat on your back. ‘Dad,’ comes the soft voice of your newly-walking toto. When did you wake up!’ you wonder aloud. Even though he is just a baby and does not yet fully grasp the nature of your nocturnal activities, you know…

My baby’s hot water scalding accident

By Babylove Network | July 27, 2016

My baby’s involvement in a hot water scalding accident was scary! Ever since I got my baby boy Jeff, I could not remember him falling. Or having one of those ‘common’ accidents. Maybe I was a freak but I wouldn’t have liked any harm to come to my baby — not when it could be…

Newborn reflexes — understand your new baby’s motions

By Babylove Network | July 20, 2016

As she waits to see her baby for the first time after birth, a new mum should understand her baby’s reflexes and early habits. Newborn reflexes are involuntary movements or actions of an infant in response to different circumstances. How soon a mother can hold her baby in her arms after delivery depends on the…

Terry Anne Chebet

By Babylove Network | December 22, 2016

Coping with post-delivery weight  TV newscaster, Terry Anne Chebet spoke to Emma Odaba on how she is regaining her shape after delivery. It is very easy to gain excess weight during pregnancy and after birth. After delivery, my mother-in-law fed me on all types of foodstuffs including the traditional njahi (black peas) and porridge. For…


Low breast milk supply solutions

By Babylove Network | April 20, 2017

The most effective techniques to resolve low breast milk supply and to boost your breast milk production are those THAT ADDRESS THE MOST LIKELY CAUSES. In many cases, there will be a combination of causes, not just one. There is, therefore, no one-solution-fits-all for low breast milk supply. Increasing breast milk production is rather personalised.…

Patricia Nyalwal

By Babylove Network | December 22, 2016

‘It’s all new to me…’ While Kenyans were celebrating Jamhuri Day on 12 December, my new baby girl was getting her first-time immunisation, shortly after birth. Before I left hospital she had received what I was told were BCG and IPV vaccinations. I had no idea what that meant, but I knew it was for…

Premature birth: hints for survival part 1

By Babylove Network | November 9, 2016

We always await our EDD with hope and anticipation. Marking down the nine months day by day, on our calendars. However, as is the stuff of life, certain outcomes and constilations are out of our hands. This is especially the case when it comes to completing our full term gestation periods. Different outcomes could prevail, one of them being an unexpected premature delivery.

Wake Up, Sir!

By Babylove Network | December 22, 2016

Sleep and rest are so important for mothers with newborns. When Mums are supposed ton sleep whenever they can afford to get a shut eye, then it goes without say, that the duty roster lists dad as babysitter. Sharing is caring, but this role reversal can deem to be challenging to many a couple

Undescended testicles.

By Babylove Network | December 22, 2016

Is your baby boy at risk? One of the examinations that a doctor performs upon the birth of a baby boy, is a thorough review of the baby’s genitals. This is done to confirm that both testicles, or testes, are in their normal position in the scrotum. It is not unusual for babies, particularly premature…