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Undescended testicles.

By Babylove Network | December 22, 2016

Is your baby boy at risk? One of the examinations that a doctor performs upon the birth of a baby boy, is a thorough review of the baby’s genitals. This is done to confirm that both testicles, or testes, are in their normal position in the scrotum. It is not unusual for babies, particularly premature…

Baby suffocation – accidentally sleeping on the baby

By Babylove Network | November 3, 2016

Will my drunk husband crush our baby to death? Deciding where your baby should sleep may be a difficult decision to make especially if you had not thought about it initially. There are a few factors that you need to consider before you finally make a decision. o You and your baby need space. o Your…

Protect your baby from cigarette smoking

By Babylove Network | December 22, 2016

While many pregnant women do not smoke because they understand the dangers of cigarette smoking to their health and their babies, they still find themselves in surroundings that endanger their baby’s or unborn baby’s life. These include smoke from a thick cloud hanging in the air at a favourite restaurant, or a cigarette the spouse…

Celebrating day 1 -2

By Babylove Network | December 22, 2016

It’s a girl! Joyous Tichi celebrated the arrival of her second baby on 10 July 2006 My experience Baby was not due for some days but these things don’t always go as per schedule. My pregnancy has been free of complications albeit the odd heartburn and muscle cramps here and there. Towards the last few…

Shy moments 10

By Babylove Network | November 9, 2016

Foul move…! My husband and I got playful one night before bed. I tried my best to be as sexy as possible, without letting the fact that I was almost eight months pregnant stop me. While my husband was busy down there, a loud big fart escaped from my rear end. My poor husband’s face…

My baby’s hot water scalding accident

By Babylove Network | July 27, 2016

My baby’s involvement in a hot water scalding accident was scary! Ever since I got my baby boy Jeff, I could not remember him falling. Or having one of those ‘common’ accidents. Maybe I was a freak but I wouldn’t have liked any harm to come to my baby — not when it could be…

Caring for your baby-the first few days

By Babylove Network | December 22, 2016

Your baby must be immunised, against all the immunisable diseases. This baby is over-dressed!’ exclaimed the doctor, when Joyce took her newborn daughter for a check up, a few weeks after delivery. ‘You see,’ explained the doctor,” a baby is simply a small human being, but with same senses as an older child or an adult.…

Patricia Nyalwal

By Babylove Network | December 22, 2016

‘It’s all new to me…’ While Kenyans were celebrating Jamhuri Day on 12 December, my new baby girl was getting her first-time immunisation, shortly after birth. Before I left hospital she had received what I was told were BCG and IPV vaccinations. I had no idea what that meant, but I knew it was for…

Who will nurse me after delivery? part 2

By Babylove Network | December 22, 2016

Immediately after delivery, most women are not in a position to take care of themselves. At such a time women need a lot of assisting and support. The only person who can adequately help in such a situation is the husband. Men share their take on this issue with Roseline Atieno Adjusting after you have…

Is your baby ill?

By Babylove Network | December 22, 2016

Hey there Mums and Dads,
In this article, we get to delve into what should (and should not) concern us with our newborns, in a far as their health and wellness is concerned. First time parents are especially prone to overreact and panic, when they observe the slightest change in their babies. Get to understand and notice different signs and symptoms that should be taken as indicators of illness and discomfort with your little ones.