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They’re suffering under our care

By Babylove Network | July 23, 2021

As busy as life has become, children have not been left behind in the rat race. Nowadays, it is no secret to find children awake as early as 4 a.m, to begin their day that usually ends around 6 p.m due to traffic jams. One wonders where this generation is heading to if children will not be left to just…

Feeding children

By Babylove Network | July 31, 2021

Do’s and don’ts It is every parent’s dream to have a healthy child who is good at school and active and jovial most of the time. There are things that one needs to do or avoid to ensure proper growth and development of his or her child. DO’S Discourage couch potatoes Such kids spend almost all their free time watching…


By Babylove Network | July 22, 2021

Is your baby boy at risk? One of the examinations that a doctor performs upon the birth of a baby boy, is a thorough review of the baby’s genitals. This is done to confirm that both testicles, or testes, are in their normal position in the scrotum. It is not unusual for babies, particularly premature…