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Right food for your baby to keep diseases at bay

By Babylove Network | July 22, 2021

Nutrition plays a vital role in the growth and development of a baby. But can too much of a good thing be cumbersome for a parent? There are moments when parents will tell you that their child is feeding all the time. Often breastfeeding moms may feel their milk is not sufficient causing a bit of distress. The World Health…

Baby Chat 30

By Babylove Network | August 3, 2021

Send your questions to: babylove@integral-advisory.co.ke Answers are provided jointly by our team of doctors Our Team Of Experts Dr. Blasio Omuga Lecturer, School of Nursing Sciences, University of Nairobi Consultant Obstetrician/Gynecologist Based at Doctors’ Plaza, Clinic No. 18, Kenyatta National Hospital Dr. David Kiragu Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist Based at KAM Health Services IPS Building, 1st Floor,…

The abc of baby language

By Babylove Network | August 4, 2021

By speaking to the child and imitating the child’s sounds, a parent not only teaches the child sound patterns, but encourages taking turns, a process necessary for conversation. Studies have shown that babies whose parents spoke to them more often know many more words by age two. Children who are unable to communicate effectively through…

The grand coming soon

By Babylove Network | July 28, 2021

It has been months of endless smiles, me clicking away and dozens of Zuri’s photographs. I intend to capture every precious moment of my niece Zuri. Only recently, baby Zuri learnt to smile, such a beautiful smile that always brightens up our days – she is such a blessing. And guess what, she can now…

Thud! baby’s big fall

By Babylove Network | July 24, 2021

Thud! baby’s big fall ‘OH my God! Is that my baby?’ shouts mummy as she abandons utensils in the kitchen and dashes to the sitting room. There was such a thud in the sitting room that her heart skipped a beat and she braces for the worst. There is a ‘bit of silence, then a…

Sleep, baby sleep

By Babylove Network | August 6, 2021

Babies can keep their parents on edge, especially when they have all forms of sleep disturbance. It gets worse when their sleeplessness is accompanied by crying, keeping parents awake for long hours. This can be nerve wracking; fortunately, there are possible solutions, although some may not be immediate. The golden rule is to always keep…