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By Babylove Network | August 4, 2021

It is exhilarating to be a mother because I am not lonely unlike the days when I was pregnant. My hubby would leave for work and I would stay in the house alone from 7am to 10pm. My baby is one month old she will be turning two months on 14th of this month (April)…

The days of a mummy

By Babylove Network | July 26, 2021

During Father’s Day I decided to treat my son to a day out of the house. The weather as you well know has been conniving with the clouds to deny him the much needed sun. Once upon a time, it did not matter whether or not the sun shone. Or if it rained elephants and…

Is she bedwetting?

By Babylove Network | July 31, 2021

Ways to help her stop it ‘Parents should remember that children rarely wet on purpose, and usually feel ashamed about the incident,’ Writes Kepha Nyanumba, Nutritionist, AAR Healthcare. Bedwetting refers to the unintentional passage of urine during sleep. Enuresis is the medical term for wetting clothing during the day or in bed at night. Another name for…

PrematureBirth: Hints for Survival PART 1

By Babylove Network | July 23, 2021

We always await our EDD with hope and anticipation. Marking down the nine months day by day, on our calendars. However, as is the stuff of life, certain outcomes and constilations are out of our hands. This is especially the case when it comes to completing our full term gestation periods. Different outcomes could prevail, one of them being an unexpected premature delivery.

Drug allergies

By Babylove Network | July 30, 2021

How to protect your kids Drug allergy occurs when the immune system reacts to a medication. Though not as common as food or Hay Fever allergies, reaction to medication affects children and adults. According to Dr Magda Attia, a general practitioner, drug allergy accounts for 20 per cent of all allergy patients seen in a month, with the majority being children. Just…

Discover your kid’s talent and help him achieve his goals

By Babylove Network | July 30, 2021

What is talent? To understand the term talent, I quote from the book ”Excellence” by American social reformer John W Gardener: ‘There are those who perform great deeds and those that make it possible for others to perform great deeds. There are pathfinders and path preservers. There are those who nurture and those who inspire.…

Tears without sobs – there’s a problem

By Babylove Network | August 1, 2021

The trickling down of tears is one of the many forms of expression in human beings. There are tears of joy and tears of pain. However, for newborns, though they cry, they do not have the capacity to produce tears, at least not until the end of the first month. It is around this time…

How to nurture healthy eating habits in children

By Babylove Network | July 31, 2021

Good nutrition is the bedrock of lifelong health, and it begins in infancy. Healthy eating can stabilise children’s energy, sharpen their minds, and even improve their concentration throughout the day There are simple steps that parents can take to instill healthy eating habits in their kids, without turning meal times into a battle zone. By encouraging healthy eating habits now,…

Baby massage

By Babylove Network | July 31, 2021

The importance of touch Massage is the original art of ‘rubbing better”, an extended form of touch which will give you greater knowledge and understanding of your child. During formative months, babies uncurl from their foetal position, stretch their muscles, open their joints and coordinate their movements. Massaging them will encourage muscular co-ordination and suppleness, to prepare the body for activity…

What children should eat to grow properly

By Babylove Network | July 22, 2021

Knowing dinner is served at approximately the same time every night and that the entire family will be sitting down together is comforting and enhances appetite. Poor nutrition among toddlers and young children is an increasingly common problem with serious physical and medical consequences. According to a recent report by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on child health, 70 per…