Baby Lisa

“Mummy, Mummy……………!” Those words are magic to my ears. Isn’t it just amazing to get home to this welcome? What joy? What fulfillment? The experience of motherhood has brought a lot of joy in my life. It has made me a different person. I have learnt to be more responsible, caring and confident in myself. I wouldn’t trade this for the world!

My baby’s name is Lisa Wahito Ndung’u. Her birthday is on 11th August 2013 and she is now one and a half years old this February, 2015. It has been a simply amazing period in our lives, starting right from the 15 hour labour I underwent, where in the last 9 hours I was induced since dilation wasn’t progressing from 7 centimeters. I then had to go in for a caesarean section after the baby’s pulse quickened beyond the required heart rate. Well, it was a difficult experience but at the end of it my bundle of joy was enough to wipe the pain away.

I love Lisa’s smile. It’s so gorgeous. I think it is the most gorgeous smile in the world. She creates a very friendly environment for everyone around her especially other kids. She’s very jovial, has a sense of humour and is such a comic. The flip side is that in addition to this good naturedness, she can be aggressive about what she wants. I guess it’s that stage where she wants to know anything and everything.

And yes it happened! Can you imagine that our little Lisa learnt to call her dad “Baba” first? Calling her dad “Baba” excited her a lot. I was sort of jealous about it because I hoped she would learn to call me first. I mean I carried her for 9 months and bore her after a very painful labour….hahaha….. but it was sweet. Her most exciting milestones have been her daily improving speech. She still calls her father “Daddy” like a million times and applies the same case to every new word she learns.

Do you know after she was born she looked at my Hubby in the eyes and smiled despite the blurry vision kids usually have? They indeed have this father-daughter chemistry that’s so strong it hurts. My hubby loves our baby. He’s so patient with her, so caring and loving. I love seeing them play. Lisa is totally a daddy’s girl. She has the best daddy in the world and I am thankful for that.

The challenges have been many but the toughest one was when she used to cry in the middle of the night. I would barely sleep and still have to wake up early and prepare to go to work or Church. Mind you she’d been bathed, changed, fed, but would still cry. Babies are mysterious aren’t they? However, the worst of all is when she has a fever or cold. It hurts seeing her cry. As a parent you wish you could literally take in her pain and suffer instead. The dents and bruises she got while learning how to walk got me scared me too. But those are the marks of growing up.
I went back to work 3 months after delivery. Because of the love for my Little Lisa, I had to express breast milk for her to make it to the recommended 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding. It was tough but we go through it. This is a special gift that all mothers should try and give to their children. Breast milk is priceless.

As my Lisa grows up I’d love for her to know that her mum and daddy love her so much. I pray that she may carry with her that positivity she impacts on people. It is my humble prayer that our little princess grows to be a God fearing, respectful, kind, caring, loving and an adorably happy wife and mum. And to always keep her smile high. Lisa – You’re a blessing.

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