Baby Avril – Our April Baby

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Avril Chelagat Nyaware was born on 1st April 2015. We got a real April blessing on the first day of this special month. On this day, being a first time mum, I didn’t know what to expect. My discomfort began at around 2.00am and I didn’t think anything of it. It wasn’t until around 11.00am, when I decided to rush to the hospital because something felt different! You can imagine how I felt when I was told that our baby was coming. Although I was not feeling any contractions as I had imagined them to be and from the descriptions I had been given, I had actually dilated 5cm!

My hubby and I had such a fun time and fooled a couple of friends and family members that we had had the baby already… triplets actually. Baby April had already started to bring life and laughter into our lives even before fully arriving.
I did not feel any pains until when the birth process augmented…this was at about 4pm, after my gynae realized that my contractions were slow. This is where all the drama began! My Hubby lived through the thick and thin of it all, and back rubbing was all he could do. The poor dear. I really honour him for being there for me. I felt like screaming, crying… name it! This continued until 7.30pm when the nurse told us that we could now move to the delivery room. All I needed was to push and push harder and about five minutes later, baby Avril joined us in this world. It was an awesome experience to hold her in my arms for the first time.

7 months later, I love that Avril is a very jovial girl and that she loves to play. One of the most exciting milestones for us is that she can now sit down unsupported. I can’t even explain how good it feels to see your baby make such progress. Simple things taken on such a profound meaning. I can now put her down and do something else comfortably… we’re really thankful that she is progressing well in terms of milestones and growth. Motherhood has been challenging but fun too, seeing our baby grow every day, smiling right back at her toothless smile…….. it has all made me more responsible.

Weaning has been a big challenge for me. We have been struggling through it. In the one month or so since we started weaning Avril, all my dear dear baby wants is breast milk. She does not want to eat. Whenever I put food in her mouth, all she does is spit it out, cry and refuse to swallow. Sometimes she even vomits. This little girl really likes her breast milk. If she could talk right now she would say #HakiYangu and demand her milk each time we try to present something else.
We have sought advice from friends and as well as her paediatrician and people have varied opinions and suggestions. Her doctor says she will come around after getting used to it and that we should keep trying. She is yet to 😉 but we are very hopeful it will be soon.

My family loves baby Avril so much and especially hubby dearest. I even feel jealous sometimes. He helps with watching over her when he is around. Sometimes when she wakes up early in the morning, and he is awake, he takes care of her as I catch up on some sleep. Whenever we are going somewhere, he is always the one carrying her. I am very grateful to have a supportive spouse. I do not take this for granted. It really counts for much to have a partner that shares in the joy of parenting and provides such unwavering support.

I am blessed to work from home and I have since resumed work. Working from home is awesome! I feel so lucky to be able to handle my work while I get to be with my baby every time. I am able to attend to her when need arises. If there was a way in which maternity leaves could be extended or new mothers could have the option to work flexi hours and work remotely from home it would be just great. Nonetheless, it is a bit challenging sometimes, because she can take much of my time and means I am not always able to work fully or achieve my targets. I also get very tired at the end of the day…but hey I’m NOT complaining, I love working from home.

Children are indeed the heartbeat of society. The coming of our baby has built relationships between us and our neighbours. Before Avril arrived, we would barely talk to our neighbours. But since she landed that wonderful April morning, things have really changed. Our conversations go beyond just greetings, to even visiting each other. There especially one neighbour who we barely talked or knew about, but on arrival of baby Avril, she came with a basket of goodies! Babies are just amazing. They bring families and the community together.

The journey through motherhood despite its challenges is the best thing that can ever happen to anyone. If I had to do it all again, I wouldn’t change a single thing. I honour all the mothers everywhere. Our dear Avril is the best thing that ever happened in our lives and we love her so much – that I’d love for her to know, now and for always.

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