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What if I wasn’t privileged to be my mother’s son?”, poses Pepe Minambo. “I always ponder and ask myself this question. She is…My Mum – The Game Changer; the most significant Game Changer of all time.”

I don’t talk about my Dad too much. It doesn’t come easily. My sad reflections, in my first Book, ‘Be Inspired before You Expire’, share about how he was not there for us most of the time. I share about the effect it had on us. As a result, he doesn’t occupy my thoughts much. He did not provide much for us; it is a tragic tale!

That period of my life is far in my past. I am now determinedly charting my destiny, but somehow, the loss-filled memories of what could have been, but wasn’t to be as a result of his absence, still linger…

When I reflect deeply, I conclude conclusively that my mum was the real game changer. She had intrinsic entrepreneurial skills that kicked into play to rescue the situation. My mum stepped in and took charge. As a result, we had food, and most noteworthy, all 8 of us siblings went to school. She run small businesses here and there to keep us alive, well and happy. Hence I deeply acknowledge her and all women fighting for the survival of their families.

Life is a journey they say, don’t just sit there, be on the move……. Many years back I left my mother land in search of new experiences and that journey took me though high seas, mountains, valleys, low lands and skylines. A journey from the known to the unknown, from the familiar to mysterious territories; a journey filled with hope and despair, confidence and uncertainty.

Throughout that journey the solid faith lodged in my heart was my only compass. Faith that told me every morning and reminded me every evening that I had a date with destiny. The time and the venue of the anticipated date was still a mystery. Yet the solid conviction in my heart fueled my search day in, day out. That man is born to live life and not merely endure it was my guiding philosophy. Deep down my in heart I knew that somehow, sometime, somewhere, somebody will come through for me. Many years ago I also read somewhere, that faith is the bird that feels the warmth and starts singing before the dawn breaks. I was that bird…

I was also inherently inspired by my Mum – The Game Changer. Her philosophy kept me and still keeps me going strong. She had such an easy way of looking at things and no matter what misfortunes befell her or how hard life hit her or us, she cushioned it with a great sense of humor and optimism. Consequently, she made us believe that life was not as bad as we imagined. It made us to look at it with an optimistic view.

Her perspective of things greatly inspire my outlook on life. She was a real people person and our house was like a boarding school, full of cousins and many other relatives. People from our estate used our home as their meeting point and we were easy, friendly and very social. My mum taught me that where one is born is not a big deal. Rather, the choices we make on daily basis shape our destiny.

Hence in my pursuit of happiness, no one else could sing the song of my destiny. Why? Because its lyrics were hidden in the safe of my heart. This was despite all the setbacks, delays and frustrations along the way. Deep down I knew for sure that the universe was working tirelessly behind the scenes to usher me into the space of my destiny. It is written in the Book of Habakuk; that the promise is for an appointed time. It will not lie, if it tarries, wait for it, for it shall come to pass in the fullness of time.

I too have lived a tolerated life void of meaningful impact. But deep in my soul I knew very well that there was a higher calling out there for me. My seat at the high table of life was next to the mighty and powerful people of the land.

Dr. Ken Blue, a motivational speaker, business consultant and pastor from San Diego, walked into my life about a decade ago. He introduced me to me and become the biggest game changer of my career. He created a transformational moment from which time my life has never been the same again. I can however confidently say that apart from Dr. Ken Blue, my dear mother still remains the very first and most significant Game Changer of all time.

What if I wasn’t that privileged to be my mother’s son? It is a question I always ponder and ask myself. What if I had not come across Dr. Blue at the time? Maybe I would still be living an average life; probably chasing average goals, earning average wages that could only afford average living standards – what a tragedy that would be…

We all come across game changers in our lives. However, we can all become game changers for the world around us. A game changer is someone who believes that there is more to life than the average reality that we experience on daily basis. From the lasting bonds of my mother’s love I have made it a lifelong calling. If I can inspire lives positively and change people’s games of life, why not?

I wrote “The Game Changer” to give readers the will power to change their game of life. From good to great and to rise to the higher calling to be Game Changers. Especially in the lives of their children — whose destinies they have the privilege to chart out.

Pepe Minambo.



  1. Lawrence Maundu on May 17, 2018 at 4:59 pm

    A Very Motivating Speaker. You Became My Game Changer Since I Started Reading Your Books. God Bless You

    • King victor on May 7, 2020 at 9:59 am

      The Game Changer Book has really changed my life be blessed @Pepe Minambo and your family

  2. Rytah on June 9, 2018 at 7:48 pm

    Be blessed always and never lack in Jesus name. You are the BEST Pepe. May God guide you as you continue touching more lives.

  3. paul walter on November 13, 2018 at 2:52 pm

    Your books are manuscripts with enormous wealth of knowledge. my aspiration is to meet my dream toobas you did. I have a hanker and hunger for literal works and public speaking..You are really a transformer.

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