Basking in my pregnancy

Anne Wambua is enjoying her pregnancy And she loves every minute of it, despite missing her fitting jeans.

I love my bump. I stand in front of the mirror and admire it. I pat it at any opportune moment, especially when I feel the baby’s kicks and movements. They started real early, and are yet to stop. Initially they were faint, like feather light caresses. With time, they have become stronger. The doctor told me that my baby is really very active. One can tell from the heartbeat. I will miss the kicks when my pregnancy ends.

I already know the sex of my baby. It is not what I had initially thought it would be. But the amazing fact is that when I got the news I was filled with an immense joy. It was a joy so palpable, it was consuming. I asked the radiographer whether she was sure and she said yes, she was. I just could not contain the news. It would have been too much to have the news to myself. So I called my husband immediately and blurted out. ‘We are having a… ‘I knew I had broken his bubble.  He loves surprises. All the same he was excited, happy. We are both eager to get our bundle of joy.

The same evening I went home to see my mother. I told her: I just had to. And when my son came home for his break I shared the news. He too is excited. I had promised that I would tell no more people. But then again how could I trust myself on this one? Most of my friends now know. I bet by the time I am done all and sundry will be knowing. I am so tempted to tell you now. But no, let me hold on to my horses.

I normally look forward to my monthly clinic appointments. I will put several reminders on my phone. Not that I will forget. But the dates are just too important not to note. On the d-day I always dress appropriately. Then I will put away my high heels which I still wear (I know I should not) and eagerly keep time. I always have numerous questions for the doctor and the nurse. I will leave the clinic feeling like the healthiest being on earth. ‘Your blood pressure is fine, your urine and blood content okay. You are adding weight steadily, not too much, not too little.* the doctor says. And so I leave the hospital feeling like a million dollars, promising myself to eat healthy.

Talk of health, I am addicted to juice. The thought of the pure cool fruit juice is enough to get my heart racing. I look forward to taking it anytime. And I love fruits. I have also learnt to plan my meals ahead. I recently went home to see my folks. I was on time for dinner, and they had made a meal of sukuma wiki, ugali and chicken. My brother is training as a chef and he had done the cooking. That meal is the best I have eaten in a while. I relished the greens with gusto. Maybe it is because it has been a while since I prepared them in my house. My mum could not help comment that she had not left me eating that much. I had a second and third filling. Afterwards I understood what they mean when they say ‘I have eaten well’.

I feel great, and people tell me that I look the part. I meet with total strangers who tell me that I look good. The first time someone told me this I thought they were taking me for a ride. But now I know what they mean. My best friend had been away for some months. When she set her eyes on me she said ‘You have never looked better’.

I love sleep, and sometimes I feel like I have been taking sleeping pills. I get sleepy, especially on slow days. I sleep whenever I have an opportunity. One day I was meant to take my son for swimming. It was a nice sunny day. The weather seemed to be beckoning me to bed, and after lunch I could not help doze off. The young man kept waking me and I kept begging for ‘ten more minutes.’ It took lots of will power to jump out of bed. It was only fair that the boy swims before the sun went down. My nirvana moment is hence my bedtime.

Now that I know the sex of my baby I cannot wait to shop and prepare the baby room. I am not a good planner, and I tend to do things last minute, my husband included. I work best under pressure, but this time round this has to change. Soon I will be prowling the baby shops, getting only the best for my little one.

Meanwhile, I am basking in my pregnancy. I have bad days but they are few and apart. I still feel active, and I hope to feel this way till the end of it all. I miss my clothes though. My wardrobe has shrunk considerably. Though l have gotten some mother care outfits, one can only get too much. I miss my fitting jeans, but it is okay for it will not be for much longer. Today I am exactly 26 weeks pregnant. I cannot wait for the days to go by.

END: PG17/10-11

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