Maternity bag must haves

Even when you think the doctor’s prediction is correct, babies have a way of coming out when you least expect it, I was about eight months pregnant and was supposed to take my leave from work that day. So I reported to the office and later in the afternoon, I started to feel more tired than usual and therefore I left the office about an hour early.

Just as I got home, I started to feel those contractions coming and my water broke! Boy, am I glad I had packed my maternity bag in advance! I simply called my neighbours who drove me to the hospital. In case you have a similar incident, here is a fist of things you must pack in your maternity bag:

Things you’ll need:
– Maternity Bag- It will be quite convenient to have one place to find all your necessities,
– Nightgowns – We are not sure how warm the hospital is.
– Slippers – You know what exactly flatters your feet.
– Journal – The day is loo memorable to pass by without a record.
– Deodorants – With milk gushing and lochia (post partum bleeding), you want to have the best air around you.
– Diapers and wipes – For the baby. You want to have them clean and comfortable.
– Burp clothes – For the baby. Burping is likely to happen more at this early stage.
– Razors — For separating the baby from the umbilical cord. Considering labour can happen anywhere,
– Bandages For covering the baby’s navel after culling off the umbilical cord.
– Antiseptic – For cleaning the baby’s wound, and for your bath too.
– Hairbrush – You would want every strand of your hair in its place—especially when your friends, colleagues and relatives come over to congratulate you.
– Lotions/Make-up – To give that great supple look that says, “I am a proud mother.’
– Toiletries: Soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste -You don’t want more surprises at the hospital.
– Camera/video camera – Every detail is worth capturing.
– Nursing bra/breast pads – The new responsibility your chest has acquired needs some adjustment in its handling.
– Baby clothes, shawl, socks and blanket -You want them warm and comfortable to keep attacks like pneumonia at bay.
– Personal clothes to go back home in – This shouldn’t of course be maternity wear. They are neither likely to be your former clothes. Invest in nice attire that has a bigger fitting.
– Pads – For the lochia. At this joyful time, embarrassments are not in order.
– Money/debit cards/insurance cards – To meet the hospital bills or for taking care of whichever emergency.
– Your cell phone, numbers – For whichever emergency.
– Nursing Bottles – Sometimes breast milk doesn’t show up immediately. So bottles are necessary for alternative milk.
– Water – You need to replace the lost fluid during labour and avail more to encourage lactation.
– Snacks like crisps and cookies – They help keep stress levels down. And considering you are lactating, this is not the time to hungrily long for dinner time.
– Music and books – You want to feel at home as much as possible.


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