Chances of getting pregnant from precum, no penetration

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Is it possible to get pregnant without penetration? Or while you are still a virgin? In my work as an obs-gynae I have had occasional cases of ladies claiming to be still virgins though pregnant.

Pregnant virgin questions

First we explore various questions and answers on pregnancy in virginity, then go into some details on the why and how one can get pregnant without penetration.

The hymen has a small opening

In medicine, we say someone is a virgin anatomically or structurally. This is because there is a thin membrane — a hymen — that covers the entrance of the vagina. This is the membrane that breaks when one has sex for the first time, hence the term ‘breaking’ ones virginity. One however needs to remember that even virgins get their regular monthly period. How then does menstruation flow out in virginity? Within the hymen there is a small perforation or opening through which the blood of a virgin flows out.




Sperms are highly motile

Sperm that is deposited in or near the vagina can enter into the woman’s womb through the same opening that releases menstrual flow. Virginity does not prevent semen from entering your vagina. Remember that sperm is highly motile (able to move) and it can easily pass through that small opening.

Integrity of the hymen

Some virgins lose the hymen long before they have had any sexual contact. These are “technical virgins”. Integrity of the hymen may be lost before sexual intercourse due to several reasons. One of them is vigorous sporting. In such a case, there is nothing to prevent the semen from flowing into the womb if sperm is deposited near the vagina.

Penetration and semen deposit

When sexually stimulated, a man produces some seminal fluid even before he reaches ejaculation. This fluid contains sperm that may enter the woman’s body and cause conception. Technically, all that is required is for sperm to be deposited in the vulva (external opening of the vagina) to gain access.

That explains to some extent why intimate contact and attempted rape even without penetration may result in a pregnancy. For the same reason, the ‘withdrawal method’ of family planning may sometimes lead to a baby.

However, it is important to note that the mere deposit of sperm does not cause conception – it will occur only if the woman is ovulating.

How will a virgin with a hymen deliver?

If a woman has not broken her hymen before labour commences it is easy for a doctor to open it up. This is necessary to allow access in order to carry out vaginal examinations in the course of labour and delivery.

The degree to which the hymen is intact even without sexual intercourse varies from one woman to another, and vaginal examinations may be relatively easy to carry out in technical virgins.

Ordinarily the labour and birth process will break the hymen as the baby is born. There are extreme — and rare — examples where the hymen is rigid and may require a minor surgical procedure to open up the path for the baby.

Pregnancy without little or no penetration

Can I get pregnant after being fingered by a man?

Pregnancy occurs when sperm gets into contact with the eggs of a woman (ovaries). If during fingering a man is also touching his penis when he has either ejaculated or is wet with sperm oozing out (meaning he has pre-ejaculate or precum), he can transfer the sperm into your vagina through fingering. Though the chances are not profound, it can happen. If the sperm then finds its way into your fallopian tubes and reaches the ovaries, fertilization can occur.

Therefore the answer to this question is no, you can not get pregnant by just being fingered, but yes, you can get pregnant if in the process of fingering sperm is transferred either deliberately or accidentally. One important note is that the sperm must be fresh and wet to cause fertilization, as sperm does not survive in the external environment and dies after a few seconds. It would have to be that he is actively moving his hand from his penis with the ejaculate to your vagina, with little if any time lapse. It is this fact that makes it a rare occurrence that one gets pregnant by being fingered.

Can I get pregnant if I touch his penis and then touch my vagina?

The answer to this is similar to the one given above about being fingered. If in the process of touching him (giving him a “hand job”) you wet your fingers wit his sperm, and then use the same hand to immediately finger yourself, there is a chance that you may transmit his sperm into your vagina and could get pregnant if the sperm finds its way to your ovaries.

Note again that it is the time lapse that matters: if you delay in touching your vagina with the same fingers, the sperm would likely be dead by the time you do it. Therefore if you touch a man and find that he is wet, it is advisable not to immediately touch the inside of your vagina as you may, inadvertently, transfer his sperm into your reproductive system.

Can I get pregnant if he only came on my vagina, and not inside?

As long as the “wetness” finds it way into your vagina, there is a chance you could get pregnant. Semen is fluid and when placed on top of your vulva may oooze into your vagina. With the right conditions (e.g. if you are sexually stimulated and also wet, the sperm can swim into your fallopian tube and meet the ova.

Can I get pregnant if we had sex but he did not come inside me?

This is a common question for those who use the “withdrawal” or “pull-out” strategy to avoid pregnancy. This is not a fool-proof “method” because during intercourse a man releases semen due to the stimulation of his reproductive organs. Most men secret small amounts of sperm during the sexual act. This happens involuntarily as a natural process and the man cannot prevent it from occurring. In fact, most men do not realize they are releasing the semen because sperm is microscopic and the movement of the semen (pre-ejaculate) happens quietly even though they have not yet reaches orgasm and have not yet ejaculated. Remember that fertilization of an egg requires only one sperm.

Can I get pregnant if he rubs his penis on my vagina without penetrating?

The answer depends of whether there was pre-ejaculate or ejaculation during the process and whether it has come into direct contact with your vagina. If that is the case, there is a chance that you could get pregnant.

Can I get pregnant if we play naked in a swimming pool or water bath?

It is rare, but if you are close enough and he ejaculates into the water, there is a chance that sperm may enter your reproductive system and make you pregnant.

Can I get pregnant if we use the same bathing towel (flannel) after oral sex?

If the man is wet (through pre-ejaculate or actual ejaculation) and he wipes or you wipe him with a hand towel, then you use it immediately to wipe your vagina, yes, you may transmit his semen into your reproductive system. This is even more likely if the hand towel is wet and warm before such use. “Douching” can produce this same result.

Note that in all cases, you must be in your ovulation period for you to actually get pregnant. Therefore the mere entry of sperm into your system does not automatically lead to pregnancy.

Pregnancy questions and answers on ‘grey’ areas

How can I tell if a man is sterile or has had a an operation to terminate his fertility (vasectomy?)

Only through medical proof. No other way. Also note that vasectomy does not make a man infertile; it makes it impossible for him to eject sperm from his reproductive system. It is possible to reverse a vasectomy.

Can I get pregnant if we had sex standing up and he did not gain “proper” penetration?

The answer depends on whether sperm was transferred or not. Actually you can conceive after coming into contact with a man’s semen in any sexual position. Standing up does not prevent sperm from finding its way into your reproductive system as long as it was deposited in a vantage position e.g. on your vulva or just inside your reproductive system. Even if only the head of his penis was let inside your vagina, that is enough to transmit the semen. If that happens, you could get pregnant if you are ovulating.

Can I get pregnant by having foreplay?

No, if there is no semen or sperm contact. If a man fingers you or touches your breasts, body or vagina without touching his pre-ejaculate or semen, you cannot get pregnant.

Can I get pregnant by having oral sex?

No, sperm cannot be transmitted through your mouth to your reproductive organs. You cannot get pregnant by licking or swallowing male sperm.

If I put some coffee or other beverage in my vagina, can that stop me from getting pregnant?

The simple answer is no.

Can I get pregnant if he comes while I am on top of him?

The answer is yes, if by any chance semen finds its way into your reproductive system. Sperm will travel up your vagina into your fallopian tubes. Remember that sperm actually swim and the fact that he is below you does not stop the movement of sperm. Some couples think that sperm has to be “deposited” (meaning poured or pumped) into a woman’s vagina in order for fertilization to happen. That is incorrect. Sperm find their way around!

Can I get pregnant if I urinate immediately after sex?

Your vaginal opening has two channels; one for urine (the urinary tract that leads to the bladder) and the other for semen (vaginal canal that leads to the fallopian tubes). When a man penetrates, he does so in the vaginal canal, not the urinary tract. Semen enters your reproductive system through the vaginal canal, not the urinary tract. Therefore you cannot drive our sperm by urinating unless the sperm is still on your vulva. Even then, there is no guarantee that you will urinate out all the sperm.

Can I get pregnant if I did not get an orgasm?

Yes. Fertilization of the ovum by a sperm is not reliant on an orgasm occuring. Meaning that getting stimulated to achieve an orgasm is not a precondition for a pregnancy to happen. As long as the man’s sperm enters your reproductive system and you have mature eggs, you can conceive.

If my boyfriend is high on drugs or alcohol, does that make his sperm less fertile?

The answer is no. A man can make you pregnant while he is drunk or “high” on other substances. Likewise, you can get pregnant even if your are high on drugs or alcohol.

Can anal sex make me pregnant?

No. However, due to the proximity of the anal canal and the vaginal canal, if a man ejaculates outside your anal canal there is a chance that semen may spill onto your vulva and find its way into your reproductive system.

Can I get a STD after being fingered by a man?

Note that fingering can cause transfer of sexually transmitted diseases if the man’s infected ejaculate comes into direct contact with your vulva. STD’s can also be caused by germs if the man’s hands are dirty or he has sores and cuts on his fingers.

The key is to avoid completely any contact with the man’s precum or ejaculate during oral intimacy.

Can I get pregnant through kissing?


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    hi! is it possible to become pregnant from precum, with no penetration, even though a “morning after” pill was taken @11 hours after?

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    Can i be pregnant when i’m a virgin without penetration and ejaculation , just with rubbing? I was in 6 days befpre my period

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