I am acting with my baby!

Sofia of Machachari TV Show brings Little Miss Ivanna to the screen

My hubby wakes up at night, when our new born Ivanna wakes up to feed, sings to her and tucks her back to bed. Just as is always said about fathers and their daughters, the relationship between our precious little Ivanna Liz Wairimu Muhia and her dad is just magical. Ivanna is surely daddy’s little princess. He is so in love with her. She bullies him though. He calls me so many times a day to check on her, rushes back home from work just to spend time with her before her nap. I must say feeling is mutual because when he walks in the door after work, you should see Ivanna toothless smile! He is also very protective of her. It’s a dream for all mummies to have a supportive partner. My dream has come true.

Except for one recent scary experience that really distressed me. My Facebook page was attacked by a hacker who has tried to extort money from me. To make matters worse he posted dreadful things that I cannot even bring myself to mention here. It has saddened me to look at the comments my fans are posting thinking it is me who has posted trash.

To say the truth I was really affected by the whole thing and I’ve been afraid to post pictures of my daughter. My family have also not posted anything online to protect her. But I have decided not to be cowed and to rise above it all and not to be put down by online harassers and terrorists.

And so here is my first photoshoot with daughter and I’m happy to share them with you all as we celebrate; I’m sure she has already established her own fan base, because I have actually gone back to work and I am acting with my baby! It is the best experience ever! You imagine how much bigger my dream has come true. At first I was worried because shooting schedules can be really hectic plus the job too is no joke – early mornings and late shoots.

Ivanna was only three months old when she did her first script.

She still needs all my attention on set which is something new for me at work. But we did it! I call her my little star! I really love the fact that I get to spend more time with her. I pray that I’ll always get to spend more time with her. I love my job, I love what I do, and I am so happy that I’m getting to experience all this with my daughter. I don’t know if she will eventually follow the acting path but I know that this experience will make her one responsible girl, like mummy, and she loves it….little Pendo. We’ve acknowledged that it is our career and we have to take it head on……it’s a tough industry, but we are tougher and with God’s grace we will rise above it all.

Ivanna is now several months old; she arrived on August 26th 2014. How time flies? It feels like it was just yesterday that I was labouring to have her. My labour experience was not that smooth. I laboured for 22hours from Monday at about 5pm to Tuesday at 4pm. My dilation was too slow, so I had to go for an emergency C-section at 4.10pm and our little baby girl weighing 3.985kgs was here with us. As you can see she was already a very healthy little girl….Labour is a wonderful experience but it’s a painf I can’t even describe. But when I saw my daughter for the first time, I knew it was all worth it. It was worth every single moment of pain that I had gone through and endured. Babies are a gift from God.

The thing I love most about my daughter is her beautiful and charming smile. She has the cutest smile. Her smile tells a lot about her big heart. Every time she smiles she reminds me how lucky I am as a mum to have her in my life. I’m surprised at how she masters her surroundings so quickly. I must say she is really eager to know what is happening in her life and all around her. She’s really growing up fast. She has also aced her milestones pretty fast, almost sitting by herself at only four months. Every day that she wakes up all healthy and smiley, is an exciting milestone for us.

Challenges…. Yes challenges in my motherhood journey have been there already. The first days were a little bit hectic. I was healing from my operation and so I needed a lot of help. Since we were new parents, we had few problems here and there and I must say so many panic attacks as we had a lot to learn. I remember this day she choked on milk she coughed and ended up throwing up. We were already rushing her to hospital. But we thank God because by the time we were leaving she was switching intermittently between smiling and crying. I think she thought we were playing with her and we just started laughing. We thank God that so far the journey has been good.

The experience of motherhood has really changed me. I have got to see life in a really different way. I am amazed by God’s work of creation. He is a mighty GOD. I also have more reasons to work hard since I want her to have everything I never got. Although the love I have for my mum is so amazing, this is really different. I have got to experience a different type of love. The love I have for this girl is so much! I cannot even begin to explain it! This has really changed me. I have also gotten to really mature up to become a young responsible mum.

I love my little Princess Ivanna and this is what I tell her now and I will tell her over again when she grows older and can fully understand. “Ivanna I would like you to know that the day you arrived was the best day of our lives. You have taught us the true meaning of love. You are our adorable baby girl, and even at 100yrs you will always be our baby girl. You are our shining star. We will always be here for you and pray that God will lead you in the right path, full of blessings. We love you so much (I keep teasing your dad that if God would take back us back to 5 years, I’d still look for him and do this all over again).

You have brought untold happiness into our lives and we will always always always love you, LITTLE MISS IVANNA LIZ.

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