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Debbie Asila of Tatuu

Getting back to work ‘Leaving my baby and going back to work was the most difficult thing for me!’ She is a mother, a wife, a radio presenter, a musician and, recently, an actress. Meet Debbie Asila of the sensational Kenyan music trio, Tattuu, as she talks about how motherhood has affected her career and [...]

Terry Anne Chebet

Coping with post-delivery weight  TV newscaster, Terry Anne Chebet spoke to Emma Odaba on how she is regaining her shape after delivery. It is very easy to gain excess weight during pregnancy and after birth. After delivery, my mother-in-law fed me on all types of foodstuffs including the traditional njahi (black peas) and porridge. For [...]

Patricia Nyalwal

‘It’s all new to me…’ While Kenyans were celebrating Jamhuri Day on 12 December, my new baby girl was getting her first-time immunisation, shortly after birth. Before I left hospital she had received what I was told were BCG and IPV vaccinations. I had no idea what that meant, but I knew it was for [...]

Now that I am home with a baby-what next?

Irene Werehire details the mixed feelings of a new mum during the first several weeks after delivery. Time flies. Last year at a time like this, I was four weeks pregnant and my husband (then my fiance) and I, were busy planning what next. Today is 8th January and my baby is exactly four months [...]

Sam Gombya’s ‘S’ family

Sam and Sophie Gombya are both at the top of Ugandan music charts. The Gombya’s sing about love, marriage and parenting, using contemporary, reggae and country styles. Singing together is a celebration of their love and friendship that spans several years. When Sam Gombya first met his wife Sophie in primary school, she was just [...]

Emily’s balancing act!

Getting Married While In Campus Is a Big Enough Challenge. Add a Private CPA (certified public accountant) Course, A Baby Plus a Busy Businessman For a Husband! That’s Emily’s World, and She Copes Just fine! Emily Nyaboke was a student at Alliance Girls High School, when she met Boniface Birundu who at the time was [...]