Roshikwa- It is

Farida Hassan narrates about her pregnancy.

I feel fat. Despite this, the doctor says I have not added extra weight. This is cause for concern, being this far and not having an extra gram on top of my pre-pregnancy weight. I have to ask the doctor what I can do to rectify the situation since the scan shows the baby is in perfect health and development.

Maybe feeling fat is because of my now visible bump and the fact that most of my clothes no longer fit, at six months pregnant. The other thing is heartburn. It stops me from enjoying particular snacks and drinks, of course on the doctor’s wise counsel. Now I have a new craving that has no side effects – Fanta soda. That has made me realise what the doctor has always been emphasizing-that cravings are psychologically driven.

My baby already got a name, irrespective of the sex. The dad prefers a boy, thus the name Rodney, and I prefer a girl, hence Shanikwa. So while referring to our baby, we call him/her, Roshikwa. Talk of fighting fair.

I took a business trip to Coast recently. Apart from business, I had fun. Meeting my relatives let me realise that my family is growing in more ways than one; baby Roshikwa will create a generational step upwards: I will be a mother; my mother a grandma; and my sisters and cousins will become ‘dotcom’ aunts; my grandmother will become a great-grandma. Family will acquire new titles, thanks to a small being growing in me. This thought had me smile all along and probably caused Roshikwa to happily bump my belly, all in tandem with my thoughts. The other time the baby kicked me hard as I was swimming. It was exhilarating and relaxing. Definitely, the trip was worth taking.

Speaking of which, back at home, my brother is so fascinated by my pregnancy. Recently he came home for his midterm break and could not keep his hands off my belly whenever he came to visit me at my place. His curiosity can only be likened to that of a toddler with a toy that he barely knows how to operate. He asks questions, some of which I do not have a clue answers. I feel great though in knowing that he will be a supportive uncle.

I came back in town happier than I had left. Who would have thought I was the same girl who was apprehensive whilst preparing for the trip? I dreaded car sickness, seeing that it might get combined with morning sickness, the constant bumping from roads which are still under repair, contracting a sickness. Above all, I prayed that I would not forget my luggage or bus ticket somewhere along the way. Luckily, no drama presented itself. Otherwise it would have been a rough ride especially since I was on an official trip. Nevertheless, I was in the company of two of my colleagues who made sure to be present, just in case something went amiss. On our journey back, I had occasional pain in the abdomen but on consultation with my doctor he assured me that nothing negative was happening, and that it was just the baby getting tired from the bumpy roads.

Now, Roshikwa acts as my new alarm clock. At exactly 4am, the baby’s kicks start and they are so frequent as if to warn me not to oversleep and get in trouble with the office. That means that there is no chance of me of stealing a few extra winks before dawn breaks, unless my hubby massages Roshikwa and asks her to be still. When he does that, the baby relaxes for a while and lets me sleep. Oh, the joys of having an authoritative voice that can even command the unborn. Now, if only he was able to quite the fears I have been having about labour and the subsequent delivery.

But I know this is natural for every woman; we just want everything to be alright with our babies, when they finally are delivered. I however know that with the healthy diet I have stuck to, the exercise I take every day and above all, prayers, Roshikwa will turn out just okay-healthy and beautiful.

END: PG 26 /10

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