The father-daughter relationship test – take it now…!

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Before you take the father-daughter relationship test, let’s agree that seeking each other’s views is the cornerstone of a strong father-daughter relationship. Communication. Being dependable. Giving feedback. Total honesty.

Ever gotten that urge to ask your Dad how you look when going out for an important function? Or even a date? First of all, many girls value the view of their dad on how they look. This is because you are going to meet a man, and daddy – being a man – can make some pretty valid observations that are likely to be similar to those of the man you are meeting.

Second, the ability to discuss the most personal feelings and fears is the foundation of a great relationship. So when dad seeks his daughter’s thoughts on a transaction he is about to enter into, that can be a game changer in their trust relationship.




How dad looks is very important to a daughter in a father-daughter relationship

Do you remember a time you were really proud of your dad, that you could parade him for the world? There are many possible situations of embarrassment for daughters when it comes to dad. If he is a drunkard, that ranks as number one embarrassment. If he is dirty and huggard, that is another knockout point. On the other hand if he is alert, tidy and cultured, it’s all smiles for daddy. Some fathers are pretty well groomed — and daughters like that.

When other ladies say your dad is handsome, that’s like money in the bank!

Some of dad’s looks are inevitable natural issues that cannot be changed – for example the age of your dad when you were in school. If your dad married late, it follows that some of your peers may have mistaken him for your granny when he visited you in school (if at all he did). As a result, you were rightly embarrassed.

Do you ever feel you should cover up for your father? Some dads are engrossed in crime, alcoholism, corruption, sexual irresponsibility and other deplorable conditions. For this reason a daughter feels embarrassed to proclaim him as dad.

So our major father-daughter test involves assessing how a daughter views her dad when he arrives without notice at her work place. Will she rush to claim him as dad, or start fumbling and stumbling as she receives the news that “your dad is here to see you.”

How would you react to your dad’s arrival, unannounced and totally unplanned, at your wok place? Are you ready to take this test? Let’s go!

The father-daughter relationship test – take it now…!
TEST 1 — “Your dad is here to see you…”

How would you react if a workmate tells you: “Your dad is here to see you.”

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The father-daughter relationship test – take it now…!
TEST 2 — “What does dad think?”

Are you a father? What do you think about your daughter? Are you a mother? What do you think your husband would say about any one of your daughters? Are you a daughter? What do you think your father is likely to say about you? It’s all about what dad thinks! Ready to take the test? Let’s go!

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