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About Babylove Network

Parenting, pregnancy, baby care and family life are topics dear to us at Babylove Network. This RESOURCE CENTRE is therefore focused on real life experiences and professional advice. Consequently, it’s the platform where parents meet for fun and serious stuff about parenting. Most importantly, we proudly offer a BLOG SPOT where parents can express themselves. On matters baby and parenting.

Besides that, Babylove Network is also home to several magazine editions. Pregnant Magazine, Baby Care Magazine, Family Life Magazine and Special Parenting Magazine. Some of the Babylove Network magazine titles started way back in 2005. Hence considerable experience and expertise has been accumulated over the years. Above all, we treasure the diversity of authors and contributors that enrich the platform.

Many of our features at Babylove Network are written by parents who desire to share their experiences. This makes baby care, pregnancy and parenting much easier for many others. Even  more noteworthy is that those with the true parenting knowhow are actually none other than parents!

Another useful feature you will find useful is the personal tools. These include the Due Date Calculator, Ovulation and Fertility Calculator, BMI Calculator and Weight Loss / gain Tracker.

In addition to all these features, finally, we link parents in Kenya with Maternity Packages offered by various maternity facilities in Nairobi and other locations.

Babylove Network is for these reasons packed to the brim – and most certainly gets to the point.


Calculate Your BMI Now

It is important to know and track your BMI because it is one of the useful indicators of your health status and risk levels. Use this calculator to find out yours! Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on your weight in relation to your height. 

Weight-loss Tracker

Manage and track your personal weight loss plan! Enter the date and your weight in the tool each time you take your measurement. The eventual result is a series of data analysis and easy to use graphs to help you along the weight loss journey.

Estimated Due Date (EDD)

Simply identify the first day of your last menstrual period, then find your estimated due date from a ready chart.
No calculations or data entry needed!

Week by Week Pregnancy /
Due Date (EDD) Advisor

Use this tool to get your WEEK by WEEK FOETAL DEVELOPMENT ADVICE delivered to your personal email! This amazing pregnancy tool will not only reveal your estimated due date (EDD), but also approximate many other important pregnancy milestones.

Not yet Pregnant? Use our

Fertility and Ovulation
Guide + Calculator

As you get closer to your baby’s due date, an important question is: “Where will I deliver and at what cost?”

No need to call or travel to each hospital for information.

Save time and money.

Real life stories from parents! You will love it.Wahu-Kagwi-on-holidey-in-Vienna-with-daughter-Tumiso-Babylove-Network-1200

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